Thursday 27 June 2013

Martha Stewart Scoreboard-A Review !!

Hi Everyone ,

Its Hussena here  and today I am  sharing with you some detailed review about the Martha Stewart Scoring Board and its various uses as well as a detailed look at the product itself.

So first a little bit about the  Martha Stewart scoreboard : Martha Stewart Score Board is made from an ivory colored plastic with the numbering in black and the signature Martha blue. Very easy to read. In addition a storage space has been provided at the top to keep the bone folder that comes with the board. Under the flap is a guide that tells you how to make standard sized cards and boxes. It  also tells you what size paper to start with and where to score.The board  has scoring indentations every 1/8th of an inch! It also open on the right hand side AND the bottom, so it will incorporate really large sheets of paper.

What does the Martha Stewart Scoring Board  Package consist of Well firstly you get the scoring board itselfa scoring tool (otherwise known as a bone folder,) and an envelope template. Also included is a chart with standard sizes of boxes, cards and envelopes..And believe me this chart is so very handy it really helps you with the different measurements for making envelopes and your Boxes... No more rulers and measuring, you simply lay your paper on the board, run the scoring tool down the groove and ta da your paper is perfectly scored for easy, neat folding. How great is that!!!
P.S : { Most of the images taken are from Google and Pinterest but I have also combined some of the pictures from my personal blog too! }

Okay here's a look at  how the board looks like front and back side  :  
 As you can see on the back side there is a groove provided in which your envelope template fits in snugly and there is also  enough space for a pencil to fit in.
                                  What makes the Martha Stewart score-board more preferable over other score-boards is its unique bone folder which is quite thin and slides into the grooves provided deeply which results in much more crisper folds and makes your scoring more neatly finished.

As you can see there is a flap on the top of the score-board in which you can store your bone folder for easy-access and also the added incentive of it being right there where you want it when you take it out to create a project.....On this flap,are also the measurements for making boxes and cards which looks something like this :

And here's a look at the envelope maker template along with the guide which comes in the package :

As you can see,the company people have provided you with various measurements to make different sizes of envelopes so that,you don't have to rack your brains trying to figure out the measurements for each of your different sized envelopes.

Now that you have seen how the score-board looks like and the different tools and accessories provided with it...
Here's a look now at the different things that you can do using these score-boards!

1.Making a rosette-You can make different sizes of rosette's for embellishing your card-making or any 3-D projects.There are several tutorials on how to make a rosette using the MS score-board and below I am showing you a very short tutorial for it :


And here's a sample of how I have used the rosette on my card and 3D projects :

2.Scoring to create a background on your cards : You can easily create interesting backgrounds for your cards by scoring them horizontally or vertically like I have done in my below card...I wanted to create a trellis-like effect and it was very easy doing it using the score-board! 
3. Simple scoring to highlight a card :

4. To make envelopes :(Image from Capadia Designs)

Here's the sample of the envelopes I have made using the scoring-board and MS punches :

5.Making fancy-fold cards : Making all the difficult fold cards becomes a breeze using a score board  as you not only get perfectly scored lines but it also helps in figuring out the different measurements!

Here's an example by DT member Priya who is brilliant at doing fancy-fold cards!...Look how she's used her score-board to create the below card :

And below is my card :                         
Hope you all find this review useful ...From personal experience I really do recommend buying the MS Score board...I have found it's really good value for money and the old days when I used to a metal-edged ruler to score my work have been left far behind since I have laid hands on my MS Score-board :)

The Martha Stewart Score board is available at the Crafter's Corner shop at very attractive price of Rs 1550 only! :)
Like I said, its total value for money and a must-have for any crafter!..Makes your work so much more easier and faster and what's more it's one of the highest selling Score-boards available compared to others !

Have a nice day everyone! craft supplies under one roof)
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  1. Thanks for this valuable info! Great post! :)

  2. Good one ..
    I have been hoarding this board from past two years , and I had never explored so much about it
    Thankyou for the info

  3. Nice review Hussena. Quite useful.

  4. Timely post, I hav bought this scoreboard jus a few days ago and u hav given me all the diff ways to use it. Thanks a lot Hussena. Gonna try out some of the methods

    1. Thank you so much Sujana!..I am so glad that my post helped you :)

  5. This is a fab post! I specially liked the backgrounds you have created with scoreboard.. it's giving a new dimension to the card altogether!
    Thanks girl for highlighting card! Scoreboard saved my time alot when I made tht card..!

  6. Such an informative post..
    And awesome projects.. Keep it up.:-)
    Just wanted to share my experience..
    The scoring tool that comes with the kit and me didnt hit it on..
    Kept tearing through the cardstock.
    So finally I switched on to using the embossing stylus, again from M.S.

    1. Thank you so much Nithya :)..I do get what your saying about the MS bonefolder does tear through the CS sometimes and intially it did take me time to get adjusted with the amount of pressure one should apply to score the paper and in meantime i too started using my Fiskars embossing stylus instead!! ...but in the long run i found that the Ms folder is able to make much better grooves while scoring as compared to the stylus and hence it makes much more crisp folds so i have switched back to using the bone folder again and i like the results more with it !!

  7. O wow what a fabulous post hussena...soo beautifully presented and gooood information

  8. Thanks for this!I have been wondering whether I should buy this or not and looking at this post makes me want to get one.You chose perfect projects to highlight the scoreboard.Thanks!

  9. Thank you each and everyone of you for appreciating my work and all your lovely comments ..means a lot to me :)

  10. Thank you so much for posting this..
    This post is of great help for a newbie like me..


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