Wednesday 20 February 2013



Its Anita here and today I will introduce a new product called the Versamark Watermark pen. You all are familiar with watermark embossing pads. Well, it is the same thing but in pen form.
A fantastic must have for all those who love heat embossing or adding a new look to their image.

This double tip marker from Tsukineko has two ends-brush tip for wide area embossing and shading and a fine tip for minute details, writing etc. The pen is extremely versatile, rightly named so because of its wide range of usage.

Let me list down its various uses.

1. It can be used to create watermark images on card or any background, is great for esp subtle backgrounds.

2. Its ink is a little tacky , hence, embossing powders, pearl powders and chalk sticks well to it.

3. Since it has two pen tips, you can even make your own embossing images by handwriting, doodling or even partial embossing on a particular image.

4. For extra shine on certain areas on your image or patterned paper, just work on those areas with the pen and you get a toned shiny image.

5. This is extremely pocket friendly.

6. This pen can be used to correct your embossing mistakes. For example, If a particular part of your area or image for heat embossing, does not have the powder stuck to it, then simple use water mark pen in that area, put a little embossing powder, and the mistake is corrected.

7. This pen can also be used to give nice embossed edging to any die cuts or labels.

8. The pen is acid free and quick drying.

9. You can use the fine tip to trace on any font and make nice embossed wordings for your cards.

here is a video showing you the watermark pen in action.

Here you can see how the pen is used to add another shade to an image.

Another video shows how to add your design elements to any image using the versamark waterpen.

This video shows how to add shading or another tone to your stamped or other image.

I have used Versamark Watermark pen here in this card. Please note the golden edge around my sentiments, done with Versamark Watermark pen.

So, do not be afraid of heat embossing now. Even the smallest details are easy to be inked and embossed using the Versamark Watermark pen.

This is available at the Crafters Corner Store and along with it you can also get a wonderful range of heat embossing materials right from the heat gun to embossing powders in a wide range of colours.

Any other information about the watermark pen can be gathered at

Also our Challenge #5 is all about heat embossing and so you can also win a pen for yourself by taking part in it.

Please note that all the information featured here are all gathered from the net and from the experiences of various crafters from around the world. If you feel that there is more to this pen, than explained here, please feel free to tell us at our Craft Demos page on FB or by leaving a comment here.

Thanks to all and Happy Crafting!!!


  1. What a fantastic review Anita ...Thank you so much for sharing the important feature's about the versamark pen ..its really very helpful ...I loved the video's too !!

  2. So much of info in a single post! A very good write-up.. very informative post.. thanks for sharing..!

  3. Hey thats a helpful and a neat tutorial ...TFS

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