Friday 2 November 2012

Tutorial - How to add picture in sidebar

Hello Friends
This is Mallika from Aola Handmade Cards  here and I am here with a small techno Tutorial .
In this tutorial I will be guiding you on how to add the picture to your sidebar.
I was am thrilled to say that the few top positions have been taken by newbies , it makes me so happy that we have bought the best out of them .
Basically the need for this tutorial is because many new bloggers face problem when it comes to adding pictures .
I will guide you step by step on how to this through a series of pictures .
I have tried my best explaining , but still if you don't shoot a mail at . I will assist you .
Click on the picture to make it big .
Step 1
Simply open your dashboard

Step 2 
Select layout tab . 

Step 3 - 
Select add a gadget 

Step 4 - 
A window like this will pop up .

Step 5 - 
See basically these are the list of different widgets which you can add to your blog to increase the functionality . You can add HTML codes for different widgets . You can add tag tabs loads of things . All you need to do is leave your fear and experiment . It is no rocket science . Its simple . 
Now select Picture . 

Step 6 - 
Now a window will pop up .
Simple upload the image which is with you from your computer location . 
You can add a title and caption 
The url is masked , ie it won't show up on blog . When a person will click on the picture he will be redirected to the url specified . 
Easy easy right ? 

 Step 7 -
Now just save this .

 Step 8 -
After saving , you have to do placement of your widget .
Can you see the red block , Basically that the are where your widget is on the blog .
Now simply take your mouse to that area and a move cursor will appear .Click on it and drag your box to your desired position

 Step 9 -
Can you see the box now at my desired position .

 Step 10 -
Simply save the arrangement . Don't forget this step .

Step 11 -
Voila ! Its appering on my blog

I hope this tutorial will help you . I have tried my best { angreji tight hai mere thodi :P }
If any problem please mail me back .

Aola Handmade Cards 
Happy Crafting


  1. Very well written have taken so much effort taking screen shots of all the steps--It feels so nice to see such a tutorial.I get queries about the same from many people--now I can easily direct them to this post.Great job!

    1. thankyou di
      congrats on ur win :)

  2. beautifully explained you for this....i am sure it would a great help to all newbies including me.

  3. This is such a helpful tutorial mallika and explained so well with pictures...i can see you have really put in a lot of effort of clicking the pic step by step to explain the whole process !!believe me all the newbies are going to so appreciate i too get so many queries asking how to do i can easily direct them here :)

  4. Thanks so much for this tutorial. Very clearly explained! I'm new to blogger and I was wondering how to add it! This tutorial heped me :)


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