Thursday 29 March 2018

Nature Inspired mixed media with Lindy's sprays

Hello and welcome to the last Thursday of the month!
I am here with a mixed media project and that too with a theme close to my heart...NATURE! Yes, I love the outdoors and the fact that my studio overlooks the garden is no surprised that I get my inspiration from there!!!

First things first, I have to tell you that I have upcycled a lot of house trash as always for this project and what made it possible for bringing all of this together is  Heavy body gel from Prima. Yes, without this it would have been difficult for me to layer things up!
The Lindy's sprays are just what I needed for this project in yumm spring colors!
I have a video too explaining the project and here is the link...

Here is the work in progress...

I started by accumulating all found objects at home and then layered them up. the Heavy body gel came to my resue here, this ie really thick and pasty and helps adhere heavy stuff like butter!

I also mixed up some DMC micro beads (oh! they are so cute!) with the gel and aplied it in  random vacant spaces.

Here is the final layering all help up securely with the heavy body gel, lol!

A few coats of white gesso to prime all of it and get started with the colors...yayyy!

I start with sunshine...yess the yellows and them progressed to oranges and reds and finally greens and browns! 

This is how it looks afters layers of spraying and coloring!

And here it is the final one...

I have the decoupaged text paper as the focal point here and so happy how it turned out.
I hope you take the time see the video to get up close with the project and see the finer details!

I had a blast working with the sprays and feel its a must have in your go ahead and spray up!
I will see you after my summer break.
Happy holidays to all...

Until my next creative journey,
Happy crafting and recycling.
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