Sunday 26 February 2017

A round up with PLAID

Good morning!
Rupa here. Today I have a round up post of all the PLAID projects that I made from June’16.
As you know, I love to recycle found objects and household trash in all my projects and all of this was given a new life with the lovely product range from PLAID. I love paints and I am so glad Shalini noticed this love of mine and has given me ample toys from PLAID to play along!
Multi surface paints, Chalk paints, Blending gel, Texture paints, Squeeze tools, Modge Podge, Waxes, Varnishes to name a few that I have played in the last few months.
Here are some of the works with all these products.
The multisurface paints were great to work on metal, wood, paper but I most enjoyed it on glass. Infact, it adhered so well on to glass even without gesso.

You can see on the 2 honey bottles that I have altered.
I have also used them as sprays on this mixed media keep sake box!

The Modge Podge has been a regular play mate in most of my projects as I have decoupaged pattern paper, tissues and even fabric with it!

The squeeze tool or the comb tool is another of my favorite of the lot that I received. This was so cool to use on varied substrates and also for different purposes.

 I have used on wood, card board boxes, and also on paper to create mixed media backgrounds. This tool enables you to make quick textures on anything.
Here are a few works with the texture tool.
Texture paints are also awesome to work with, whether it’s the instant snowy look or giving the moss texture to your altered project.

My Christmas projects were a big hit with the texture white paint from PLAID. Here they are…
Coming to Chalk paints…I just LOVE them. I have to admit, the paints are so thick you don’t have to feel guilty adding some water to them. In 2 easy coats you have complete coverage on whatever item that you are working on! The best thing when you use chalk paints is that you don’t have to prime the surface! Maybe that’s why I love working with them!

So far, I have used these paints, waxes and varnishes only for home décor purposes and on wood. I intend experimenting with them on other surface too…soon!
Here are a few makes with the Chalk paints.
I would like to thank all of you for your continued support and encouraging words on my works till date and hope to inspire you with more in the near future.
Here is a link to my blog where you can see more of my works.
I just have one question for you…” Is there anything in particular that you like me to work with or anything you think that I should experiment/explore, do let me know”.
This is going to help me immensely so I can work on those lines. I hope to hear from you all on this.

Until my next creative journey,
Happy crafting and recycling.


  1. Rupa, you worked wonders with these paints,great to revisit some of my most favorites projects here !! would like to see some of your journals also here !!

  2. Seeing all together, its fantastic as always. Love Love your work Rupa

  3. Whoa! Loved all of them.. :) Wish to be as creative and hard working as you are :)


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