Wednesday 21 September 2016

Embellishments galore!

Good morning!
Rupa here with my post for Crafters Corner. Today it’s all about those little embellishments that make your project from a simple one to just ”wow”! You will see by the end of the project, what I mean.
There are loads of crafty embellishments to choose from the store actually you could be spoilt for choice. Look at what all I have used for this project!
I found a scrap piece of wood in my studio and there were also some unwanted keys that a friend had given when she was relocating. I decided to use these in my project today to make a key holder.
Step1-First I colored the wood piece in white. Then I took 4 keys and then painted them with Folkart Multi surface paints in 2 shades of blue. Please note that these paints can be used on metal too and I have not even gessoed them!
 It adheres so well to fact I tried to scratch it with my nail but no way was it peeling!
Step2- I stenciled some pattern on the wood block in the same color. Once the keys were ready, I had them nailed on to the panel. To cover the ugly nail, I stuck a flat back pearl. 
If you notice, I have intentionally bent the lower part of the keys to form a hook! Yes, now these keys will hold other keys! Isn’t that super cool. I am sure you have loads of those unwanted keys at home, you can use them this way!
Step3- I particularly loved this little flower food plate embellishment and decided to do a bit of decoupage in there.
 I had just the tissue in the same blue color and stuck the flowers on to it with modge podge.Once sealed and dry, I colored the edges with the same blue paint. This was then mounted on to the wood panel with 2 little spoons too!

Step4- These mini cocktail glasses are equally cute. I filled it with white sand and carefully placed these tiny blue flowers and the glass stuck on to the panel with silicon glue. 
The mini glass bottle too got the same treatment but here I have used the lovely calla lily flowers!
The display look just a little English mantle place I was ready to head over to the top most part.

Step 5- For the top of the panel, I laid a bed of coconut coir and on top of that a length of this beautiful creeper. I also had these alphabets cut from chipboard and placed them on the creeper.
 The whole thing looked incomplete without those little birds and so I had a pair in there! After this, it was truly a welcome sight and the whole thing came to life.
Here is a look at the panel with a old keys holding on to the new ones!
 I couldn’t think of any other way of re purposing these tiny keys.
Hope you liked this project and give it a try.
Until my next creative journey,
Happy crafting and recycling.




  1. SImply beautiful ....loved every inch of it and you walk us through the process so beautifully
    Dr Sonia

  2. love the beautiful white and blue colors, wonderful use of the embellishments, I could never think of re-purposing the old keys like this Rupa although I have a hoard of them saved up !!

  3. Love this Key holder! A wonderful piece of home decor too! Great color combo and your process is so clear and clean, love it and Thanks for share ur talent!

  4. I loved it..very Unique idea to use key to hold another keys !

  5. Different home decor with old keys. Always Love your ideas

  6. Wooah......what an amazing use of useless keys.....the end result looks breathtaking

  7. This is awesome :) such an innovative design <3


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