Sunday 7 February 2016

A Lil Dash of Tint: Mod Podge Sheer Colors

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Wow it’s really long we have been missing from action, so finally putting stop to all the speculations we are back with a bang. Hope you all liked the new face of your very own favourite craft store CRAFTERS CORNER.

Carrying forward the Magical Mod Podge product line, Today I am going to talk about Mod Podge Sheer Colors. So in this following post I am going to talk more about what is in this magical bottle rather then focusing on creating end projects.
Hope this will make it more easy :P Lets get started 

Mod Podge Sheer colors is basically standard Mod Podge formula with different colors added to give a special dash of extra cool effects to your awesome Project.

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Here’s what the Plaid site has to say about the Mod Podge Sheer Tint:
Mod Podge Sheer Colors are NOT just for glass although they work perfectly on glassware. You can also apply transparent sheer color to metal, raw wood, seashells, and over scrapbook papers,  the more layers you brush onto the surface, the stronger the color becomes.

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Mod Podge Sheer colors tints are  water base sealer, glue and finish is perfect for almost every occasion. A beautiful look for tinting glass! This package contains one 4oz container of sheer color mod podge. Comes in a variety of colors. Each sold separately & you can buy them form our store.

I have done loads of research work and some disastrous experiments so that I am able to figure out pros and cons of these, surprisingly Plaid Enterprises have answers to all my questions and yours as well !! Yeyeyeyeyey You name one question and I am sure they have all the answers to your queries. So here the link to the FAQ guide : MOD PODGE SHEER COLOR FAQ

Please please do read this FAQ, Trust me they are really really helpful. 
I have tried Sheer color on a piece of paper and it came out really well. The result was glossy shiny effect -

In my DT Pack I got the Tinted Blue color, I don't why they call it blue I find it Purple :p sorry. I have taken some color and used foam brush to apply sheer color on this piece of paper, you can see the brush strokes - they create some textures which I find little grungy !!

Some Important Facts-

1-Sheer Colors are water-based and non-toxic, they are not approved for contact with food. Please don't eat.
2- Don't allow to dry it in direct sun, it will never dry 
3- Sheer colors are not permanent 

DIY: Glass Tints 

Further carrying out my experiments, In my DT Pack I got a very cute little bulb shaped MASON Jar or Flask you can call, and Mod Podge sheer Blue. I have very easy self explanatory Picture tutorial for you all. I hope its easy to follow and I am able to explain the process, Lets get started -


                                         STEP - I

Pour some sheer color inside the jar or any glass piece you have, mind you be generous while pouring/adding colour.

STEP - 2

Once you have poured color inside the jar, start rotating the jar also know as DRIPPING Metthod.(I did the rotation part in clock -wise, no rules such but I kind of like it :P heheh, I did it purposely for spreading it equally)

STEP -3 

Keep rotating till the time colour spreads equally all over. This is how it looks once you are done rotating.


Now turn the jar upside down, I have used this cute lil bucket for taking out the excess color from the jar, since the opening of jar was small therefore for support I have used this bucket. You can use wax paper of plastic plate. 
P.S- Don't use paper it will get dry and might stick

STEP- 5 

Finally once it gets dry this is how it finally looks like yey tinted :P. It will take more then 24 hours to dry completely during summer and in winters more then 2 days. I have added some cute little mulberry roses and kaisercarft stickers on my jar and placed it on my desk.

Possibilities are endless with Mod Podge sheer colors. It is a great fun product for those who are big fan of DIY and for those also who are not:P

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and explanation of Mod Podge Sheer Colors. They are water base which means soap and water clean-up. Mod Podge Sheer Colors are so very easy to use; the possibilities are endless. Why not try some today? I promise, you will LOVE them!

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Happy Crafting 
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