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Alcohol Inks and Techniques

Alcohol Inks
     Hi friends ,Dr Sonia here  with my last DT post for Crafters Corner. I have been with Crafters Corner for more than a year and am so thankful to all of you my crafty friends for the encouraging FB likes and blogger comments . A big Thank you and Hug to dear Shalini for teaching me so much, gifting me so many wonderful things and being so understanding! Mwaaa...!!
          Well if you are wondering why am I leaving....I am not going anywhere girls....I am just taking things easy!.I will be very much around in the crafty world and in blog-land !
Now jumping onto Alcohol Inks Crafts
In case you missed the Alcohol Inks introduction post here is the link : Alcohol Inks Introduction
To apply Alcohol Inks you can

  • directly drop it from the bottle onto the surface
  • drop drops of Alcohol Ink on to felt and then dab it onto the surface you want to craft with
  • drop Alcohol Ink on a craft mat / plastic and dip the surface to be inked on to Alcohol Inks 
  • smear on Alcohol Inks using your gloved fingers
To create Alcohol Ink Patterns / background 
Use 1 or more colors ---keep in mind that using too many colors runs a risk of making a project look muddy if the colors overlap
  • Apply the Alcohol Inks on the metal cardstock/ other surface and dab over using Alcohol Ink blending solution on a piece of felt
  • Apply drops of Alcohol Inks  and blending solution on the felt piece and dab on metal cardstock/ other surface
  • Apply drops of Alcohol Inks on surface and blow with a straw - I have not tried this ...just read about it!
  • Create spotted / swirls pattern by changing how you dab with the felt piece...stamp and lift or twist to create different patterns
    Alcohol Inks 
    Alcohol Inks background 
     Here is the Alcohol Inked card used as a background to a card [ Details here : Alcohol Inks Card ]
  • Instead of small individual drops,  add bigger blobs of Alcohol Ink onto the felt piece and create a different style background .
    Alcohol Inks
    And here is a card made with the above Alcohol Ink background : Details : Alcohol Inks Squares Card
    Alcohol Inks
Alcohol Inks alone can be used to 
Color Resin - easiest way is to add a drop or 2 of Alcohol Inks to the resin mixture before it sets
Color Metal

I colored the silver finish metal heart pendant into a red heart by dropping a few drops of red Alcohol Ink directly onto it.

Alternatively use your gloved fingers to dip the object onto Alcohol Ink drops on a plastic sheet/ craft mar

 Color Beads/ Pearls/Other plastic or ceramic embellishments

I still had some Alcohol Ink left over from the heart inking so dipped in some white heart pearls and made them a lovely red!
Stone Crafts
I converted these stones into cool paper weights using Alcohol Inks !
stone craft
 The stones were first painted in white acrylic paint and once thoroughly dry , I dabbed Alcohol Inks + blending solution on a felt applicator. The stone above was stamped with Versamark using a Hero Arts Butterfly cling rubber stamp and heat embossed!
stone craft
This stone shows the marbling pattern achievable with Alcohol Inks very nicely!
More Points with Alcohol Inks 

  • Once you have created an Alcohol Inks Project you can stamp on it with an Archival Ink /Staz On

  • Remember not to apply Alcohol Inks directly to your stamps as Alcohol Inks can crack and damage your stamps in the long run

    • Same color Alcohol Inks will give different looks when used on different colored card stock [ you need metal/ glossy/ special card stock...normal paper is too porous to work with Alcohol Inks ]
      Alcohol Inks 
      The leaf was die cut from a background created using only red Alcohol Ink on gold metallic card stock
    • heat embossing
    • Heat embossing looks fabulous on Alcohol Inked surface! In the leaf above I drew veins using an embossing pen and heat embossed with sparkling snow embossing powder[ More details here : Heat Embossed Tag]
      Heat embossed Butterfly
    I made this butterfly by stamping and heat embossing on an Alcohol Inked metallic card [ Details : Alcohol Inks Card Techniques]
    • Alcohol Inked background looks very vibrant and you can really add on various media to it. The Ganesha Hanging was created using beads gel and a stencil on an Alcohol Inked background .
      Beads Gel
      Hope you liked the various techniques and projects I have shared
    You can buy the whole array of Alcohol Inks craft supplies at Crafters Corner

    And signing off...Dr Sonia


    1. Sad this is your last post as DT I loved reading your detailed DT posts as I had said they are buyers guide :) Beautiful projects ,stone paper weight is my favourite never imagined embossing on stone !!

      1. The stone is my favorite too Pooja...I coudnt actually get a good picture ...its even more gorgeous in real

    2. You have created such cool backgrounds, Sonia. I personally feel that while AI is very good for paper (and paper crafts), but it is not great for metallic items or plastics as it wears off over time, even if you seal it

      1. Yes Divya I read that they are yet to find a good sealant for it...but I guess for regular paper crafting embellishments it works well

    3. you created lovely backgrounds Dr Sonia and full to use of alcohol inks that any body can never imagine they can make out of it..loved all techniques.. embossing on stone is marvelous.. :)

      1. Yes Radhika....recycling crafters like you , me and Pooja would love the stone one the best !! Hehe!

    4. Great ideas, I`m sure I`ll try it:)

    5. Great ideas, I`m sure I`ll try it:)

    6. Ooo my...what an awesome post Dr.Sonia...I loved's truly been an amazing experience with you...xx

      1. Yes taught me so many to look the art journalling and scrapbooking from an entirely new perspective...hope to stay connectec
        Dr Sonia

    7. Sad to read your last post but good that you will be around, Doc! Superb projects with alcohol inks. The stone one is my fav! Hugs!

      1. Hehe Neha yes the stone is my favorite too and it looks even more beautiful in real!


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