Tuesday 18 August 2015


Hello Everyone!!!

Hope you all doing great :) I am back with yet another post on MOD PODGE series. It's all about COLLAGE CLAY. Everyone of us is so smitten by Collage clay & Crafters Corner Collage Clay art is the new sensation around the Indian craft corner.

Collage Clay is the hottest selling product and CRAFTERS CORNER brings you the steal deal KITS of Collage Clay at awesome attractive  prices .. Grab your set of clay soon before it goes out of stock.

In this post will be telling you what and how to use collage clay. If you have missed the launch of new art in town click here and get yourself updated.

In today's post I have a video tutorial for you all. Yes a video tutorial .. in advance I am sorry please this is my first episode for Crafters corner and I really hope you will overlook my mistakes. And its a really long video so grab your favourite drinks or food before hand and enjoy.

This is my favorite collage clay project so far, I am so much in love this cute house. I am so smitten by Disney movie FROZEN and was very much inspired from the same to create this one. I am sorry I could not cover this in my video as I finished making after filming my video.

The next two projects are cute little frames which I have made by using Sizzix dies.

Frame made with Vanilla white clay and I have used the bread/bakery theme Cabochons from the store.

The second frame I have done using Strawberry Pink Collage clay and used mixed set of cabochons.
Aren't they all looking gorgeous.

Theme Cabochons

Now coming over to the next set of Projects that I have for you all, is Mobile Phone covers .
The above cellphone cover was my old cover and I revamped it totally using the yumm clay and gorgous cabochons.


Collage clay works perfectly for mix media purposes. You can create stunning backgrounds using this clay. You need white collage clay and some acrylic colors of your choice.

Crafters Corners brings you the stunning FOLK ART - Acrylic Colors by Plaid Enterprises in India for the first time and will be online soon.

Now for all the details on  Collage Clay hop on to


1- Collage clay retains it original color, it just don't fade away.
2- Collage clay dries out completely in 2-3 days ( air dry naturally)
3- Collage clay don't crack once its dry.

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Supplies Used-

Mod Podge Collage Clay - Vanilla white & Strawberry Pink 
Rainbow Crumb
Adhesive Stick/Pencil
Sizzix Die

Have a nice day
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  1. Amazing post...loved all the beautiful projects...xx

  2. OMG! Look at the gorgeous Cottage! Love love love your post! <3

  3. what an amazing post ...superbbbbbb

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  5. Awesome post and projects. The cottage is so cute.

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  7. Awesome post Isha! I absolutely loved reading it and the mixed-media project that you did with collage clay and acrylic colors is my favorite! ^__^ Thank you for the tips and video too! *Hugs*

    1. Thank you so much Halak Shah I am really glad that you liked the projects Hope I am able to inspire to you \, waiting to see your lovely creations :)


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