Saturday 30 May 2015

Experimenting with foil

Hi Friends,

This is an extra post this month from me. But I got to play with some super trendy products. That is the privilege of being on Crafters Corner team. You get chance to try out new things and share your experience. You all must be aware of new foil trend now a days. There is a special machine for foil transfer known as Minc by Heidi Swapp  . This works with laser printer. Laser printer ink use toner and it's electromagnetic property helps the metal foil to bind with paper in presence of heat and pressure of minc machine.

Well, I don't have minc but that doesn't mean I have to compromise with my love for foil. I just love that   gilded look of foil & the pizzazz it adds to project. I received following products from Shalini . 1) Ranger sticky embossing powder 2) Bright tone sheets by ranger 3) Deco foil by icraft 4) deco foil adhesive by icraft. Foil is a thin metal layer fused with thin clear acetate. So whenever it comes in contact with strong adhesive, it gets transferred to it. 

First, I tried Sticky Embossing powder by Ranger. Check this video(  from CHA 2015. Basically, it is embossing powder which turns sticky upon heating. You stamp with versamark, emboss with sticky powder & apply foil immediately. If it cools down foil won't stick to it. Plus the powder is very coarse which leaves uneven coating on image.  You have very narrow time frame to work. See what I tried...  

transferring foil in above pic.

First try....didn't work

Second try... little better 

Umm... i tried several times but just didn't like the look. It is not consistent and you have to work really fast. Also the coverage is not even. Apart from this I tried several other times but had no luck. Sticky powder is not strong enough to hold the foil well. ((this is my opinion... there must be something I am missing. If you figure out please let me know)

I tried sticky powder with glitter and that worked really well. 

Don't you just love this. I couldn't capture those glitter dots but it looks awesome in person. I just stamp small circles with versamark, emboss it with sticky powder and pour glitter over it. Burnish well with your finger, tap off excess glitter and you are ready to go. This powder works well with flocking powder too. I will show you in a while how i did that gold solid butterfly.

Now, I will come to the things which worked and I fell in love with it.  I Used iCraft glue which is very strong adhesive with gold- iCraft foil.

I applied glue with a piece of foam at the bottom of tag. Now, one thing you have to keep in mind is that this glue require some curing time. When you apply, it is quite fluid. Allow it to dry till it is not shiny any more. it will turn tacky as it dries. Drying time varies with the amount of glue and weather. It is quite hot here so it took around 10 minutes. 

Now stick a piece of foil, shiny side facing up and burnish it with bone folder or finger

. It doesn't need much pressure. Just cover all the area so foil will come in contact with glue and stick to it. Now remove the plastic. The foil attached to it will transfer on tag covered with glue.

Isn't that gorgeous? Ya...ya... when i peeled that foil off the tag...i was so mesmerized ....<3

I went ahead and stamp some leaves with Altnew Henna stamp & added little bit of coloring with copic. I used archival ink for stamping as i was stamping on metal foil. You have to see it to believe . Photographs do not show the actual beauty as glitters and foils are the hardest to capture.

Second card is very simple - technically but oozing with glamour. 

I just swoosh few colours of distress paint daubers (by ranger) from top towards bottom of the card. Let it dry. Apply iCraft adhesive in the same manner with foam. Let it dry till it loses its shine. Put a piece of foil on it and burnish and peel off for the magic. You can go over with foil if you feel you left some area. 

For next cards, I used the same glue to stamp my image.

I made background with various Heroarts Ink Daubers and stamped images with the same. I used

 Dab the foil glue on stamp with sponge and stamp on the background. Clean the stamp immediately with water and tooth brush. Apply foil on the stamped part once it is enough dry. Sentiment is also from IO. Stamp it on vellum and emboss it with black powder. Add butterflies and bling. Ya, that shiny ribbon in the back of panel is red sticky tape gilded with foil.  

this is how i did that butterfly i used for glitter card. 

      Cut the regular label paper (which we use to print label from computer. Sticky on one side.)
 with a die keeping sticky side up. Remove the backing and cover it with foil.  

The Last one.

Stamp the image with glue and apply foil. I wish you can see it in person.

A close up:

And even before you think...i am telling you... it is way different than gold embossing powder. Its look it totally glamorous.  As per the instruction you can use it on fabric too.

And this video will give you idea on how to work with glue and foil.  

This is not very neat but just wanted to share with you. I have applied same glue with foam through stencil and used multiple colours of ranger foils.  

Hope I inspired you to try these amazing products and find out new ways of using it. Keep crafting... see you soon.

Yes, I wrote it with same glue and foiled it...:) 

Supply :

iCraft foil 

iCraft Glue

Ranger Foil - Brights

Ranger sticky embossing powder

Stamps : Mamaelephant - Everyday greetings
               Mamaelephant - Pandamonium
               Impression Obsession - Grungy Circles 
               Altnew - Henna

Hero arts ink daubers

Distress paints

Red Tape


  1. Wow! The foil gives such a elegant look to the project...
    Thanks for the details Neha!!!

  2. Wow..The cards are glamorous !

  3. Really enjoyed your experiments with foiling Neha ..I really need to break out my pack and give this a try too :) ..All your cards and tag is just superb ..Especially loved the grunge background and the last bird image foiling...its simply Wow!!!

    1. You should try is fun. Thanks for the love.

  4. Love the modern and ultra glam look of the foil. Gorgeous cards and the tag. :)

  5. Loved reading it Neha! :) All your projects, the trials and the end where you coated your name in gold foil... one of the most fun posts I have read in quite some time! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much for love and for always sharing my posts.

  6. I must say neha these type of selfless education is very rare...hatts off to you for doing this....
    Lovely n informative post :)

  7. It's a great post neha! Thanks for sharing all the tips and tricks ...will try foils soon for sure

  8. Excellent post Neha Di! It's extremely informative and helpful! Thanks for sharing

  9. Excellent post Neha Di! It's extremely informative and helpful! Thanks for sharing

  10. Love you so much Neha....
    Sorry I missed ur post earlier, as I was traveling....
    But today reading all hopefully.... ;-)
    N love all the cards, especially the bird one and the Butterflies one.... Foil looks gorgeous.... N ur name super...
    Here is some more things for you to experiment with foils....
    1. Double sided red tape.... Shalini has them ;-)
    2. Spray on adhesive with Stencils.... Effects are superb... (though it's pain to clean Stencils afterwards, but it's so worth it.... Clean them with rubbing alcohol /acetone)
    3. Clear wood varnish... Takes time to become tacky, but too good for chipboard embellishments and wooden stuff...
    Hope these helps...


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