Tuesday 29 April 2014

Mini Album Using Envelope Punch Board

Good morning every one.... Tejal here today. Its a picture tutorial from me today.....I am sharing how to make a mini album using your Envelope punch board. Yep you heard me right....Mini album using envelope punch board.

6 envelopes and 6 inserts will give you around 30 photo spaces!! Yep!! Totally!!

Lets get started!!!

I'm not giving you specifics of what size to use. I'm just showing you the general using the WRMK Envelope punch board you can make any size album.  I'm making a 6x6 square size.

1. So following measurements on the board....Make 6 envelopes in your desired size. All lets assemble the album.  I've used 200 gsm CS to make my that my pages will be sturdy.

2.  Lay two envelopes side by side...and just glue the flaps (bottom 1/2 inch) of it...and cut the top off. Refer to the image above. Now to create openings for our inserts.. 

3. After you've done this step... your envelopes should look like this. I use Red sticky tape to glue everything down. 

And on both the closed ends of each envelope...cut off a sliver of 1/8th or 1/16th inch...just so you can open up the envelope.
Like so. Now to the next piece of our Unit.

4.  Take one more envelope. And glue the flap down. In essence you are closing the envelope from all sides.

5. This is a little tricky but not impossible!!! You need to cut off a sliver (less than1/8th inch) from both sides of the closed envelope. Click on the pictures to see them bigg and better
(I'm just saving you from scrolling like mad!! :p) Using a trimmer would be the best to get such a thin slice...

This is what you should get. A Envelope that is open on both ends.

6. Now using our two joined envelopes and one open envelope, We make one unit of the album. I hope you are with me so far.

 Apply sticky strip to the 1/2 inch hinge that we have....and glue the open envelope on it. So using 3 envelopes we have one unit. With open ends for inserts on all 3 pages.

Follow the same steps to create as many Units as you want.

 I'm using two units that gives me 6 pages with 6 Envelopes. 

7. These are my two units Side by side. Now to glue them together. I use a nifty piece of cleverness to bind them!! The non tear-able visiting cards. yup!! Since they are non tear-able... the hinge will not tear easily. But do not use glue. Use sticky strip to glue them down. Since they are plastic...glue will just peel off.

This is my binding between two units.
And the same way....I used cereal box as my cover and visiting card as my hinge to bind it to the first envelope.
Attach your pattern papers and decorate as desired! You Mini is ready.  P.s I'm not done yet.

When you attach your pattern papers... you will come to these open envelopes.... Do not attach glue to the triangle part. Only to the  left edge of it .  To keep your pocket. If you glue it down, you will lose your pocket. ( I do hope it made sense)

I probably needed another picture to show where to add the glue.

To make your Tabbed insert. 
1. Measure your pocket size and add 1/2 inch to the length of it. This is where we shall make the tab.
Accurate measurements are not each pocket will have a different size. Make one and you will know what I'm talking about!  :D
 Put your paper just in the center of the punch. Just like I've shown above. And punch it.

 You will get this sloping edge to it. Depending on the size of tab you want...move your paper to the left. I like the 2 inch I will move my paper to 2 inch mark and punch again.
And this is what I shall get.

 Cut away the bottom part and you have a tabbed insert ready to go in! You can make them one side, or stagger them as I've done.

I have my tabs staggered from top midde and bottom...and then repeat for the next 3 pages.

So finally I'm done!! Hope you enjoyed this rather long tutorial. I am sorry about not having a video..but here's a small one showing how the whole album looks...and of course you can see the amazing paper that I've used here!!

List of products Used

WRMK Envelope Punch Board
Red sticky Tape
Tim holtz Scissor
Red Spatula (Believe me when I say this tool is a must to make sure you have no air bubbles while adhering  your pattern papers...Its indispensable according to me!)
Kaisercraft Bubblegum hills pattern paper ( I love that its 6.5x6.5 in size!!)
Paisley round frame Resin
Yellow and White Mulberry flowers
Antique Engravings Butterfly
Floral Ovals

As always, feel free to email me or leave a comment for any questions ... I will get back to you as soon as I can.


  1. Super awesome. ....just seeing all pics I understood the concept....thanks you made it so simple and gave all details very that we can follow...definitely going to try. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Please do share when you make...would love to see your take on it. I'm really glad you like it

  2. What a tutorial!very easy to follow steps and love tge pattern papers used.please check your inbox for more queries

  3. Awesome tute as always Tee! Very well explained..thanks for sharing! :)

  4. This is how u make the things really happening......loved the entire tute.....very good job....awesome girl....I loved its side cuts....

  5. Awesome Tutorial Tee !!
    Very well explained,,,,
    Loved the pattern papers you have used here...

    Thanks for the share !!

  6. Awesomeeee tutorial!! As usual its very well explained! I need to try one out soon! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Wow! This is such a beautiful mini book! Great instructions!!

  8. Super tute once again tee!!!
    This is absolutely a must try and I m gonna do it soon.. Thanks for explaining everything so nicely


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