Monday 31 March 2014


Hi all to all my dear crafters....I am Shalini Mittal this side I know I am writing after a  long break....yes I know it was really a very long break but I am really thankful to all of you who kept pinging me to start it up again and we could start without any more delays :P HERE we are.....
How you all are doing...I m sure you all are doing great......
Since its been a long waiting period for you I am with lot of new surprises for you all.......So lets start otherwise you know me ......I will keep writing....... LOL
I am sure you all are checking our website but those who have not I would like to share with them all that we have recently added a lot of new products to our website and the most exciting part which you always to hear as a buyer and crafter.....YES they come at a lesser price now.....YIPEEEEEEE specially did u check our JUST RITE STAMPS.....
OMG they are priced you can easily build up your own full collection.
Hey did u know that if you order for 10 or more JUST RITE STAMPs then u get a beautiful magazine FREE containing 2014 collection and their inspiration for 100 cards...also u get a wholesale deal at more than 20 stamps....
If u wanna more about it do mail us at

To add to more we also have added new range of MAGNOLIA STAMPS....
To add a little more we also added new glitters.....
Ohhh did I tell you that we added our beautiful collection of RESINS too......
Am I missing on new PUNCH BOARDS.....
I think I need to mention the Our Amazingly priced TRIMMER CUM SCORING BOARD.
Ohhhhh ofcourse the new CLEAR dimensional magic.....
Yes yes the magic cap fingers to protect you from heat gun injuries.....
Also the heat gun
 at a lesser price.....
Ok ok ok rest u check on CRAFTERS CORNER.......
Not any more tempting you......except.... :P
One more exciting news .....we do have a whole bunch of new products coming in store at a very very reasonable prices.......

Now lets talk something who all are there with us now in our new DT team......
Yes as I always say change is the reality of we need to accept it ......and  I think we should happily accept it .....
Our few very lovely DTs who were there with us in last term  are now saying a BYE to us for next term as they have their own personal commitments so with a very heavy heart We are saying GOOD bye to PALLAVI IYER , SHALINI PAHWA , BIPASHA AND SAMREEN MERCHANT .....We had an awesome time with these amazing crafters .....thanks a lot were a true inspiration for all of us.......looking forward to learn more and more from you through other social medias......

AND now comes a HAPPY NEWS for our next
term....I am super super excited to share this with you all......
As you all know that we always strive to get the bestest for Here are our new besties :
let me introduce them individually .......

First I am super excited to introduce one of my oldest friend and an amazing crafter......I cant tell you how COOL is she in her life ....she is super patient person I have ever seen......I seriously wanna thanks to her for joining me for our blog......
I just love her work and I am sure and assure you that u will also fall in love with her work ....
Love u BABY .....
And she is
HERE it comes from her about herself:

I am edupreneur but enjoy crafting above everything.i find my inspiration in my 8 year daughter and feel awesome when i see her interest and knowledge in the world of crafting. She is the cutest volunteer i could ever get. I've been stamping and creating cards and other papercrafts for 4-5 years. I started with paper art and entered into stamping world when i accidentally bumped into "cuttlebug" in Newzealand. I dumped some  of my luggage and made way for my eternal love affair with crafting world. But the supply of accessories was a major constrain in the city I used to live. Thats when Shalini came like a fairy who gave me whatever i desired right at my door step. I find crafting the most relaxing & unwinding. I find it extremely rewarding whenever i see someone joyous because of my work. 
God has blessed me beyond measure with opportunities to use my creativity and a loving husband who supports my work and art. 
i am extremely excited about being the DT of Crafters Corner and I believe that this camaraderie would bring the best out of me!
I pray you find inspiration in the creations and experiences I post here!

Now comes a very bubbly girl who is expert in all styles.......but she is the best in her 3D jobs.....and I am sure we will all have a wonderful time in learning 3 dimensional projects with her......
she is going to get the all different styles in ne platter .....I m so thrilled to have her here....thanks anchal for joining us ...and here is she


Hello everyone! My name is Anchal Sapra and I am from Chandigarh. My blog goes by the name A Colorful Affair. Well, the other day Shalini Di asked me if I wanted to be the DT of Crafters Corner and my instant reaction was “YES! YES! YES!” I started crafting two years ago. My crafting journey begun with looking for Sizzix in India and I found Crafters Corner from Sizzix’s international website. It was like hitting a jackpot! I use to sit and look at all the awesome posts made by DT’s of Crafters Corner. It was so inspiring and magnetic! I am now in crafting heaven trying out all new and innovative paper work with all the awesome supplies available at Crafters Corner ! It’s a dream come true to be a part of this fabulous team! Thank you Shalini Di and the Crafters Corner team! Let’s inspire and create beautiful projects together!

And now our old buddy who is continuously supporting us in our blog.......thanks a lot to her.....she is so versatile that we all know but I think the best I loved about her is her ART JOURNAL......she is the best in those.....thanks a lot Riti for sharing such lovely piece of art work with us ......
And she is

Hello Friends & Fellow Crafters,
This is Riti Poddar. I'm Super excited & happy to be here on Crafter's Corner as a DT Member. It's such an honour to be a part of such an amazing store & amongst all you talented DT's. I was thrilled and on top of the world when Shalini offered me to be an exclusive DT member for videos for MY Most Fav. store Crafters Corner.

Now here's a little about me:

My name is Riti Poddar and I live in Kolkata, India. I'm married to my sweetheart & Best Friend Sourav for 8 years now. I'm lucky to have such a supportive & encouraging hubby, without whom I would not have been here today. I enjoy all kinds of paper crafting, be it scrapbooking.Card making, Altering Items,Decoupaging,Mini Album making, Mixed Media etc. Crafting is my passion & it gives me immense pleasure & satisfaction.Also it's one of the Best Ways to get rid of stress in today's world.

I have been crafting ever since I was a little kid. My mum used to tell me that I was prolly born with glue,scissors & a paintbrush in my hand. ROFL !! As a kid & even now, I have always gifted people my handmade cards & altered items for their birthdays, anniversaries & other occassions. I have been making Rakhis for my brothers, Decorating my home for Janamashtami, Creating platters for Holi & Diwali as a kid and still enjoy doing it! Since then I have enjoyed every bit of my passion for crafting and want to continue to do so. I call my craft room my 'heaven' and that's how I have a blog named - 'A LIL PIECE OF HEAVEN'

We will have these three regular DTs who will be continuously updating you with their new projects....and we have two more amazing crafters doing only videos for us and one doing only CAS crads for us.

So as u all know our oldest crafter ....our butterfly lover and glittery glittery lady......I am sure once I write these two things u all will guess her........
She is very dear to me and I love her style of working......
She explains her videos so well that u can feel that u r back to school .....she is going to kill me :P
Thanks a lot buddy for being there with us....Yes my dear she is



"Hi This is Tejal here. And am absolutely delighted to be aboard the Crafter's Corner Express of my favorite places to shop! And a little something about me...I have been crafting for about 8 years now.. a self taught crafter if you can call it that....never had any artsy background, and never ever took any classes (unless you count coloring classes at the age of 6, which I quit in 5 days) What I make and create today is the absolute result of what other's have shared on the web...and it was time I return the favor by passing on the knowledge that I have learnt.And when Shalini asked me on board and with this particular idea in mind, I had no second thoughts....So I am here to share my knowledge and teach the basics of newer products as well as old, show some tips and techniques and tutorials. And nothing would excite me more to share what I have learnt on this journey...because they say, the more you teach, the more you learn...and my thirst for learning never stops.
Looking forward to sharing and learning in the process..."

Now we have our queen of CAS cards....I don't think so I have ever seen any cards which are so simple and clean but yet so attractive....she is the best in her style .....and for sure nobody can beat her....u will really enjoy her posts.......thanks a lot girl to be with us......


''Hey friends! I'm Sindhura, known to some of you as Sindhu. I have a blog called 'trapped in craft' I have been crafting and blogging for over just 6 months and it's been a roller coaster ride already! I'm basically a card maker (haven'e got patience for scrapbooks! :)). For me, crafting is very therapeutic and find myself in a different world altogether when I make cards.

I love to use pearls, flowers and lace trims on my cards but I'm also a lover of CAS. My recent crush is on distress inks!
 Well... other than crafting, I have a 9 to 6 job, the reason for my disappearances from the craft world occasionally! :) I love reading books or just browse internet when I'm neither at work nor crafting.

I danced with joy when Shalini called and asked me if I'd join her! Of course I would... who wouldn't want to work with a fantastic, talented team? :)
It's amazing to see how Shalini works hard to get everything available on her store. I also like the way she keeps herself grounded in spite of success. She is gentle and helpful person. All these are qualities that I admire and I was too willing to work for someone like her. There is one more reason why I chose to join her. I'll be very honest. 'Crafters corner' is big name and there is lot of visibility. Every card or every post I make will be seen by hundreds of people. It's obvious that I'm definitely going to be under pressure and I tend to get the best out of myself in situations like that. I push myself and try to reach the next level. So, you see? I'm being selfish here! :) Last but not the least, I feel that I can have fun!
Thanks so much Shalini for this opportunity. It feels great to be writing an introduction like this (though I have no clue what to write! :p ) and to be on a GREAT team! Thanks a lot for having faith in me. I'll see to it that I'll never let you down! :)
I also want to thank everyone who supported and encouraged me, who always left me some love by commenting on every single post I made (including my parents and hubby). It's because of you people that I'm still crafting and I'm here! :)
Let us all have fun :)
Loads of love
Now do check in again for our new challenge and lovely inspirations by these fabulous DTs.....tomorrow....
For any queries u can catch us at
Shalini Mittal


  1. Yay !! So glad to see Crafter's corner back in action and the addition of the new DT members as well ..So looking forward to new challenges and inspiration from all the design team members :)

    1. Thanks a lot usual you are the first one to wish us...thanks a lot for your continuous support.

  2. So Happy to see Crafter's corner back in Action !! Specially Today as we celebrate start of new year "Gudi padwa " in Maharashtra ,Wishing you All the best for this new beginning and yes Looking for to exciting happening with the talented Team !!

  3. Gud! lovely to see you gurls back in action!!

    1. Yes shivani and now u can enjoy all our lovely tutes and cards....

  4. Wowww...lovely to see d crafters corner blog...nd their new team :D
    really luking fed :)

  5. Congrats to all the new DTs and welcome back to the 'oldies'.:-).So glad that the bloh has started again and looking forward to some awesome ,fresh projects.Thank you Shalini for giving me the opportunity to be on your design team.I loved my stint.:-)

  6. A big congrats to all new dt and im sure we will see some amazing work here

  7. Very Happy to see...crafters corner back in action....and my congratulations to all new and old DTs...looking forward to new inspirations......thank you shalini...for providing us...all new and latest craft supplies under one roof and that to in such a competitive rates.

  8. Congrats to the entire DT team..So Happy to see Crafters Corner back in action after a long break..wish u loads of success Shalini !!!

  9. happy to see you back in action. again a very nice DT team.

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    xx Evelyn

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  13. Hello Shalini!
    Nice to see you that you are back with your new DT team and looking forward to see their work. Keep crafting with a bang!!!

  14. wow nice to have you back.

  15. Welcome back CC team and i wish you all success and look forward to beautiful works by DTs


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