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Hi everyone. Today I am going to tell you about a product that has revolutionized the craft industry. In fact this product has become almost a necessity with every crafter. You would have worked with different sorts of glues, varnishes or other gluing agents, but I am sure, once you use MOD PODGE, you gonna throw everything out of the window. So go through the below presentation carefully and change your world forever…

What is Mod Podge?
Mod Podge can be safely termed as one of the most versatile and ensuring product of the craft industry. It is a glue which is known to have magical powers. It can be used as a glue/sealant/varnish all wrapped into one. It holds almost anything together, adheres any paper or photo to any surface and manages to do it flawlessly. It not only attaches but can also be used on top of your attached piece to seal the attachment and also add shine and glitter to your creation.

History of Mod Podge
Mod Podge was developed way back in the year 1960 by a designer – Jan Wetstone. Been a ardent lover of craft and decoupage, Jan used to be frustrated with the lack of efficiency that comes with glues available for making collages or decoupaging. It involved lots of planning, coats of varnish and sanding in between each coat in order to make sure that another coat could be placed on top. So Jan started experimenting in her garage and soon came up with a perfect concoction that dries quickly and gives a good finish and flawless composition. This new mixture came to be known as “Modern Decoupaging” or MOD PODGE. Soon this new wonder product became a rage with crafters.

Why is Mod Podge so famous?
Mod Podge can bind any two surfaces – that too quickly and perfectly. It is water based and hence easy clean-up. It is non-toxic and hence perfect for young crafters. In addition to the original matte and gloss formulas, it includes an assortment of specialty finishes for visual effects. It can even be coloured and used like paint, or have glitter added to it, or add small beads etc. You can build up layers of texture with it as well. Hence it has been used by crafters across the world as one of their basic product while crafting. It has also been used for upcycling/reviving everyday items around the home; personalizing gifts etc. Mod Podge can be used almost on any surface such as wood, terra cotta, metal, tin, glass, paper mache and fabric.

Imagining Craft world without Mod Podge is now impossible.

Types of Mod Podge available.
Classic Mod Podge – Available in Gloss and Matt Finish. This is the original Mod Podge formula – that have been around since the 1960s, so it has been well and truly tested. Classic Mod Podge can b used for :
sealing wood, chipboard or terracotta prior to painting to give a smooth surface to work on.
 ii. pasting napkins to any surface. It not only attaches the napkin, but also seals the surface.
 iii. gluing pattern papers or paper motifs or little embellishments to books, scrapbooks or boxes
 iv.  final top cover on just about anything for added protection
Paper Mod Podge – Again available in Gloss and Matt finish. This can be used in exactly the same way as Classic Mod Podge. However Paper Mod Podge is non-tacky, so it is better while using on two paper surfaces – specially for scrapbooking. It also has anti fungal and archival properties. So in case used as top layer on photos or paper, these last long and don’t yellow with time.
Satin Mod Podge - This is the same as the two classic formulas, but the finish is satin. It gives a lustrous, soft appearance somewhere between a matte and gloss.
   Hard Coat Mod Podge – Specially designed for larger pieces including furniture and projects that are frequently used and handled. It has a satin finish which disguises scratches and its ultimate durable finish provides extra protection. If you are thinking of covering an old chair or old strolley bag with fabric, papers etc., then this formula is for you.
Outdoor Mod Podge – Great for terracotta pots and wood projects, gardn sticks, sign plagues etc. This Mod Podge comes with built-in protection from moisture, sunlight and elements. Use this to stick paper on any outdoor surface and it will stay like for a good 3-4 years.
Fabric Mod Podge – Apt for gluing fabric to any surface
Sparkle Mod Podge – This is a gloss Mod Podge with an added bling. It contains fine glitter pieces that will add glitz to any project. You can also use this Mod Podge on top of your project to add sparkle and shine to the project. Used extensively for all festive creations.
Glow-in-the-dark Mod Podge – It is again a gloss Mod Podge that can make the area where it is applied glow in the dark. Best for kids projects to add that surprise element for them.
Antique Mod PodgeThere are some who love the look of vintage, aged projects that have an antique feel. Antique Mod Podge enables you to get that aged look simply by brushing it on. A slight brown tint is how it works. This formula comes in a Matte finish.
<Mod Podge Dimensional Magic – Dimensional Magic is slightly milky medium that dries to a clear glossy raised finish. It can be used to highlight or magnify distinct areas on your project. It makes great rain drops, puddles and water effect. This formula comes in Clear, Gold Glitter and Silver Glitter.

Besides above, there are some more variants like Kids Mod Podge, Super Gloss Mod Podge, Brushstroke Mod Podge, but the above mentioned 10 varieties are mostly used.

One new variant “Mod Podge Extreme Glitter” is also being introduced shortly. Keep a tab on to know about it.

How to Mod Podge
Mod Podging is indeed simple. You require the following tools / accessories to start :
A clean foam brush
A plate or something to pour a bit of the wonder from the container
A clean piece of cloth – to prepare your surface
A Squeegee to press paper, fabric or other items specially at corners
<!-A Brayer to smoothen the surface by providing right amount and equal pressure over a larger area and to eliminate air bubbles.
Besides the above, other elements of crafting like scissors, knife, ruler, pencil etc. are to be kept handy.

The Mod Podging technique can be explained in following 8 simple steps :
(from wikihow)
Gather your supplies (including Mod Podge tools).

Prepare the surface to be Mod Podged – by cleaning with a cloth. For harder surfaces, rubbing with a sandpaper and then wiping clean is preferred.

Select paper / fabric etc. to be mod podged and cut the same to required shape.

Apply a medium layer of Mod Podge both to the back of the paper and to the top of the surface.

Smooth the paper to the surface. Keep smoothing until you have removed the air bubbles. A brayer is to be used for larger surfaces.

Allow the Mod Podge to dry for NO LESS than 15 - 20 minutes.

Apply a top coat of Mod Podge to the entire surface and allow to dry

Apply a second coat of Mod Podge to the surface and allow to dry.

Uses of Mod Podge
Hence the uses of this product is endless. It can be used as :
Gluing – Because it dries very fast, it is perhaps the best gluing agent for craft.
Sealing – Mod Podge can be used on terracotta pots and Shadow boxes as a perfect sealer and water repellant.
Finishing – Apply Mod Podge on any of your creations and it will dry out to leave a fine layer to make your product smooth and shiny.
Special Effects – Mod Podge can be mixed with paint, beads, glitters etc to give that special look to your creation

Once you start using it I am sure you will discover lots of uses for it.

I had used Mod Podge in my last two creations posted on And every time I use it, I fall in love with the product more and more. 

Since this month’s  product theme is also Mod Podge, all DT members would be using this wonderful product in various ways to demonstrate its versatility

Although there are various types of Mod Podge available at, you can start with basic type – Gloss, Satin and Matte. You can also try the glitter ones – Gold and Silver.
For any queries write us on

I am sure you would soon be writing stories about this wonder product, how you have created fantastic creations using this product. Try some new techniques (like blow drying the mod podge using embossing gun, to create a textured finish, adding glitter) and share with us.

Before I end this presentation, let me give you a brief of a revolutionary new product that Mod Podge is introducing shortly – “Mod Melts and Moulds”. Using these Moulds and Mod Melt Sticks you can create variety of embellishments. You can combine Mod Melts with glitter, shimmers, acrylic paints, metallic paint, embossing powder etc., to create various finishes and shape it in Mod Moulds. The Moulds can be used to create shapes like various flowers, petals, birds, butterflies, key, crown, and antique trinkets(wooow). So keep your eyes on and be the first ones to pick this up when introduced.

And remember, this month’s challenge  Crafter's Corner # 7 -Bingo! winner prize is also MOD PODGE. So keep sending your craft creations and get this WONDER PRODUCT as your prize!!!!


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    1. Hi...the details r already there in the the types of mod-podge available

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