Thursday 31 August 2017

Plastic play with PLAID!

Hellooo...It's Thursday and am back with another tutorial today.

By now you all know my love for recycling and more so when I upcycle plastic, which are the real trouble makers to the land you agree???

It always gives me immense satisfaction if I can reduce atleast that little bit from land fill and why not if they can be given a beautiful second life...Here is what I am talking about. I have upcycled 4 fabric softener bottles this time!

Here is how they have become after some Plaid play!!

Let's get into the process..

I first removed the labels from the bottles, cleaned them and drilled holes on the bottom with a drilling gun. The holes enable proper water drainage as this is going to be a planter.

I then went about wrapping some cotton and jute chord on both sides of the bottles. I intend to use the horizontal space in the bottle.

I then decoupaged some tissue bits on the twine area with Mod podge. This is nice way to use up your tissue scraps too!

It was time to take out some chalk paints. I used vintage mustard for this bottle and used a sponge to color it.

 For another bottle, I mixed some chalk paint(patina) with Multi surface paint and worked on the decoupaged area.

For another set of bottles, I covered it with black chalk board paint from my stash.

I dry brushed some summer porch (chalk paint) on the black twine and it gave a beautiful effect!

Once all the bottles got painted, I covered them with OUTDOOR SEALER from Plaid. This will protect the planter from rain and shine! I also fixed some bottle caps as legs and they were good to go!

Once dry, I put in soil and potted some plants into it and watered it too! These now look amazing sitting pretty on my window sill!

Here is a look at each one of them...Do let me know your favorite! I love the one with the blue bird and the chalk board one with the writing (good day) in red!

The dry brushed one with money plant!

The caption says it all!

My current favorite is red and so this one definitely adds charm to my room!

The color blue is always soothing and if it has some delicate flowers and a guesses!!

Birds are always beautiful, what say???

Keep smiling!
Well, with that we come to the end of this post! I can't be happier than this to have transformed 4 plastic bottles today and more so because they lend some greenery inside my house!

This is to tell you that the chalk paints and multi surface paints adhere well to plastic bottles and I have used them directly onto the surface even without gesso.
So go ahead and experiment and lets see what is it that you can upcycle today.

I will see you soon with another plaid play.

Until my next creative journey,
Happy crafting and recycling.



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