Saturday, 10 December 2016


Hello dear ones! and welcome! I can't believe it is already the last month of 2016! My New year cards are not all done yet. Everyone are having a winter theme creation of this month. This season is my favorite time of year! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families! I did something a little bit different, a mixed-media textured winter miniature cottage using a mix of various material like MDF, Card stock,  paper, acrylic paints, Laser cut chippies, mediums and Snow flack paste .
Have a look at this.... so small... so cute

I must warn you, I made a mess! When i making this cute :-)
But I like to say ~ you have to make a mess to make pretty! :) 

Many of you expressed interest in a tutorial for making doll-houses.
It's a little crazy around here today, so please forgive me if this tutorial seems a bit hurried. It really is just a matter of cutting, gluing and adding.

Here goes . . . .
I'll show you how to make a version of this house. This is just basic idea

1, Take thick card stock or thick chart paper. Cut like rectangle shape. If you are using card stock, you need 2 rectangle pieces 

2. Cut out the shape,  

3, Use Cobblestone stencil with texture paste for stone effect

4, The next step is to break out the hot glue gun.
I like to glue on the windows and doors next. It's much easier to do 
for framing the window. I choose Wycinanka cut out for cross window. Details are shared in last of this post. 

In this pic can see the effect, Color i took acrylic brown 

5, Attaching 2 ends of cardstock with stapler 

 6, Roof: As we did same technique, attaching one side of cardstocks 2 ends with stapler.   

7, Make it as a cone by cutting excess part  


8, here is the way attaching the 2 part. Use glue gun for fast and easy attaching   

9, I dont know what should i called this paper, But you will get from local craft store. This is best one for arranging roof part. 

10, Cut the tiny pieces like this and attach on roof with glue gun 
How is this Cool idea...Is it? ;-) 

Now it's time to talk about the base.

For small houses I like to use MDF square plaque 7" X 7". Its perfect cute for this
 11, I marked the few portions in plaque for attaching cottage, stencil work on ground...etc and After stencil work i painted moss effect plaid-craft paint. Mixing of two shade to get dark green

 Select colors for ground part as you like
 12, Next step is arranging mini garden... take dry plants, tiny flowers, beads etc

13, Icing of Gardening ;-) 
I took Aleen's glue with flower soften for Garden boarder. 
Use brush for excess powder 
14, Last and final step for this little winter cottage, take the snow flack paste, randomly add on roof and some other portion too as you like

Here's the little finished house.
 This is the view Santie Claus sees when he's coming in for a landing. :)

I hope everyone is enjoying the winter season!  
If you decided to make a few, I would love to see them! 
Thanks for stopping by! 

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  1. Wow...So cute ...and just love the tute Suzna...will try this one for sure...

    1. Thank you so much, i'm so glad to hear like this :-)

  2. Wow!! so awesome. Ty for sharing. Hugs

  3. This is brilliant everything about it....simply wowww :)

  4. Omg only u can do this Beautifully done such a awesome work

  5. Wow!! It's Awesome! Gorgeous details!


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