Thursday 15 December 2016


Hello !!!!!!

I am Anita here and how are my dear crafter friends doing !!!! All geared up for New Year !!!! OMG!!!! It's almost here !!! Can you believe this !!! It seems yesterday that we just started the year on a new note and a new team and here we are standing to wave it goodbye.

How time flies !!!! I still remember my post first post with Crafters Corner blog almost two years back. I was fortunate enough to write the first blog post for Crafters Corner. And what a journey has been. The baby has grown from toddler to a well groomed lady and here she is on our first in house brand ----DRESS MY CRAFT.

Welcome all !!!!! as I present to you our first and most popular product the Floral Paper Collection - ORIENTAL AND EXOTICA---  Premium Cardstocks with world class quality and every crafters dream.


And not only that another feather in the cap is the launch of two new powders- FROSTED SUGAR POWDER AND SPARKLING DUST.


Both the powders are of extremely super quality and add extra beauty to the projects.

So in my post today, I will reveal all the secrets of these products and bring to your a deeper insight into the above.

Here is a comparative table about the two papers that will be clearly explain you the pros and cons of both papers.

     PAPER THICKNESS                               285 GSM                                   285   GSM                             
     TEXTURE                                           SMOOTH                                      SMOOTH

PAPER  STRENGTH                                  LESS STIFF                                      MORE     STIFF

WATER ABSORBENT                                 HIGH                                                 LOWER

STAMPING                                           GOOD WITH ARCHIVAL                           SAME

HEAT EMBOSSING                                          GOOD                                           GOOD

DISTRESSING                                           GIVES A SMOOTH BLEND                      SAME

DIE CUTTING                                             GOOD                                      GOOD

WATER COLOURING                                      GOOD                                     GOOD

FLOWER MAKING                                    OPEN BLOOMS                          CLOSELY COMPACT BLOOMS                


So that will give you clear comparison between both papers. But that is not all. I have visual pictures to show you about all the qualities of these papers.

You will need two huge cups of coffee or tea to sit back and relax because this is one heavy post loaded with pictures and of course a video ---because seeing is believing !!!!!
                                               Heat embossing is good

  Good resist embossing

     good distressing paper

       good for stamping especially if stamped with waterpproof  like Archival Jet Black

       water based inks tends to bleed a little

              Awesome Die cutting

      good for water colouring

         gives nice clear embossing

So thats it !!!! I hope it is quite clear by now as to how wonderful these card stocks are. I would call them the ultimate card stock as these have multiple qualities.

  Now on to the another product that is the talk of the crafting community because of its awesome quality.

                                               Sparkling Dust and Frosted Sugar Powder

Sparkling dust is a fine shimmery powder, almost weightless nd gives a smooth glittery look to the surface where it is applied. It sticks well with most adhesives and is bright white in colour. However this powder DOES NOT HEAT EMBOSS. So avoid using it for the same.

Frosted Sugar Powder as the name suggests is like fine sugar but a little granular and has very little shimmer or sparkle. It has a translucent frosted look and can be used for mixed media, on flowers, etc. This too cannot be used for Heat Embossing.

Here are the two flowers that I made using the Exotica and Oriental paper. After reading my blog post till now, it will become very clear to you which flower is made from which paper. Can you guess ??
Let me tell you--the flower on the top is made from Exotica paper as it is more open while the flower at the bottom is from Oriental paper as the bloom is more closed and compact.

                                               Here are the flowers with the new powders
                                                       Oriental Bloom with Sparkling Dust

           Exotica bloom with Frosted Sugar Powder

 Here is the video to show you in real way how wonderful these papers are.



Products used from Crafters Corner


Floral Oriental paper collection
Floral Exotica paper collection
Sparkling dust
Frosted sugar powder

So thats comes to an end to this super long post. But I hope I was able to clear all your doubts. If you still have any queries , do leave your comments.
Hope you had a good time with me!!!


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    1. Thank you . Yes but it should, I have not tried. Please try and let me know.

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