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Wall Decor and FolkArt Painted Finishes

Hello friends !!!! Anita here!!
Can you believe that we are at the end of the year and in just 30 days, we will be saying goodbye to to 2016!!!!
And what a year this has been !!!! At least for me , it's been a lucky year !!!! Because this year I joined Crafters Corner !!!!!

Do let us know how good or bad the year has been for you. And now to some crafty chit chat !!!


Does the name seem to be familiar!!! Well, that's the awesome new paint from Plaid Folk art range and it is one fabulous product.So beautiful is the finish that I could not believe that such natural looking texture could be achieved with this.


Picture from Google

Pictures are from Google

FolkArt Painted Finishes is a Texture finish paint that gives a natural organic look to a project. These come in four colours-Concrete, Moss, Rust and Barnwood . Crafters Corner has Rust and Moss in both light and dark shade.
It is applied with a DAB-ON technique that is dabbing method and is non-toxic in formula.
You need not apply Mod-Podge to seal the project when painted with Painted finishes as it is a sealer also. I can be used on wood, plastic, ceramic, metal, concrete and glass.
I usually takes 4 hours to dry.
Surface preparation depends on the type of surface you've chosen.

  • Wood –  Because FolkArt Painted Finishes Moss is a thick textural paint, there is no need for additional prep whether working on finished or unfinished wood, even if the surface is very rough.
  • Terra Cotta – No prep is necessary when decorating terra cotta.
  • Plastic – Wash plastic surfaces in warm, soapy water to remove any existing grease film. Allow to thoroughly dry.
  • Papier Mache – No prep is necessary when decorating papier mache surfaces.
  • Metal – Wash all new metal surfaces in warm, soapy water; allow to thoroughly dry. Moisten a paper towel or soft cloth with distilled white vinegar and wipe over surface; allow to dry.
  • Cement, Masonry and Garden Statuary – Apply a coat of white vinegar (to neutralize lime), allow to dry, rinse, and then allow to dry thoroughly.
All  Painted Finishes paints can be used outdoors.

What type of brushes should be used for painting with Painted Finishes?

You must use Stiff bristle brushes to paint as these are heavy paints. The brushes can be easily cleaned with warm water and soap.

I have used these paints to create a wall decor piece with some textured effect using the Painted Finish Moss and Rust.

Do follow the video where I show you how to make this.


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  1. Fantastic. ...loved the mossy vintage key holder and your play with painted finishes paints.

  2. Beautiful make over Anita, moss effect is awesome and dusty attic chippes perfect match on this wall art

  3. Loved it....its awesome Anita :)


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