Friday, 12 October 2018

NEW easy way to Scrapbook

Hello Dears ......Suzna Here
How about a pretty easy scrapbook idea? 
Yes yes today i want share, a pretty mini easy scrapbook. I just spent less than 1 hr to make this cutee. This is card style folding mini scrapbook, and its perfect for tucking away mementos or you can teach your kids too  :)

Here it is my book,

1)  First i choose thick cardstock, And DMC have beautiful metallic gold matte finish cardstock (250 gs).
That is perfect for royal style look gift ;-)

2)  Cardstock size is 12 X 12 inch , i cut it as 6.15 X 12 inch
I score the line 5.5" , 6", 10.5 "

3)  Folding like Book

4)  Then i took light weight card stock, it's for my book pages

5)  Size of my pages is 5.15" X 6" 
like 4 folds, that means 8 pages

6) This is the way i connect the 4 folds. Using red tacky tape. Its very clean and sharp sticker

7)  Connected all  pages. And the last connector is for attaching on main paper (metallic card stock)

8)  Use masking tape or any thine paper to cover the back side. So the entire connected papers look as a book.

9)  Start decoration. I choose Graphic 45 Floral collection Paper pad, And i have the entire set. Like sticker, cardstock cutouts.

10)  Making side pocket

11)  Designing cover part is all about your style. Our aim is making pretty. My style.......I love to use white chipboard, flowers, beads, gems, metal charms (many more )and few words sticker too :)

Can you find those tags...Yes thats i cut it from DMC punch. Its my favorite tag design.

And the Final Output is 

I think i already shared many cutee scrapbooks. 
Have you guys tried any mini ? if no .....first grab your favorite DMC products. Like paper cutter, cardstock, score board, flowers.....Many many are in Crafterscorner site
And try this one, i like it a lot

Hope you are inspired
Happy crafting 

Supplies Used

Graphic45 Papers pads
Graphic45 Paper Embellishments
White Chipboard Mudra
White Chipboard Wycinanka
49 and Market flowers
Red Tacky double side tape
Paper Craft Tool DressMyCraft
DMC Tag Punch


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