Thursday, 18 October 2018

DECOUPAGE Tissues from Crafters Corner

Hello all...

Wishing you all a Happy Navarathiri!

 Today being Thursday, am here with a blog post to tell about DECOUPAGE and more!
Decoupage is the art of sticking a print whether it is from a tissue, printout, magazine cutout, specialty papers or pattern papers and then blending it with a back ground to make it look seam less piece!

This can be done on any surface provided you have the right products and I must say, this job to find the right products is now so easy!
The entire Decoupage family is available at Crafters Corner!

Believe it or not, right from a range of VERY CHALKY PAINTS from Cadence, Decoupage glue and now DECOUPAGE NAPKINS too, all available under one roof!

Apart from beautiful designs and a wide range, these 3 ply tissues are available at THE MOST COMPETITIVE RATES at crafters corner! Now that's the icing on the cake, you can keep on buying them now and surely, it is up to you to use them wisely!

I have here a few pictures of projects that I have done using these tissues and with the help of complimenting chalk paints from Cadence, it was a breeze to make these home decor items!
I have upcycled some glass bottles and some soiled tea cups for these projects!

Have a look and you will see wether it is home decor or kitchen decor or what ever theme that you have in mind, there is s tissue for that!

For the kitchen theme I have used Greek Olives, Merlot and Flavor of herbs napkins.

For the tea cup candles I have used Memorable bird and Romantic butterflies napkins!
Chalk paints from Cadence are Sandy brown and October mist.

So grab those tissues now which are also available at an offer for this festive season!
Enjoying playing wit them and create wonderful decor pieces for your homes!

As always am waiting to hear your feed back on these projects.

Until my next creative journey,
Happy crafting and recycling.

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