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Crafting is a beautiful hobby and a crafter is always seen most happy at her craft table !!! Right ?
This is Anita here bringing for you some best tools of the crafting world that take crafting to the next level. It makes this art easy and less stressful and helping you to make your projects perfect.

As we all know that mechanics eases any sort of work so when we involve the perfect or correct tools for our work, what we get is perfect and beautiful projects . Hence tools are very important .

What sort of tools should I buy when I start crafting????
A very important question by all beginners and I too faced this dilemma of what to buy and what not.
Let me tell you, buying tools is a one time investment and so if you think and study your tools before buying, you will thank me.

Before I begin discussing , this post is just a review post and I am sharing my experience with you. No particular brand has paid me for this and I am helping out fellow crafters with know how about some tools available at Crafters Corner.

Crafters Corner has brought for us wonderful tools, gadgets and craft supplies from all over the world and that too at most affordable price.Check them out here

So let me begin with my most favourite tool. I have total of 10 tools and gadgets for me that have been my on my table since many years and I just cannot do without them.

1. SCISSORS---- This scissor is my favourite and although you have the mini version, the original is the best. I am speaking of the TIM HOLTZ SERRATED NON STICK SCISSORS... Once you start working with this, I promise, all other scissors will take a back seat.

Kushgrip Non-Stick Micro Serrated Scissors 7". These scissors are being endorsed by Tim Holtz because of their overall quality, their duo-tipped feature (one serrated blade and one fine point sharp tip blade) for excellent cutting on all types of materials: great for detail cutting. Use at home, office, school, for crafts, scrap booking and other hobby projects. Extra Large soft cushion over-molding plastic handles offers a comfortable grip for hours of use and less fatigue. Non-stick coating means no build up of adhesive. Scissors come with a sheath for blade protection and safe handling.
Check the mini and 9" version also.

This trimmer is the best that I have ever used. Its been with me for almost 6 years and never have I ever faced any problem. It cuts like butter and have always given me the most perfect cutting for all paper types. If you want to invest in a trimmer, then this is the one.

Measure your lines perfectly ....Thats what score boards are for... no hassle of rulers and tilted lines. Just follow the score lines and get perfect measured folds. So make correctly fitted boxes, cards , envelopes and what not. This is a great tool that measures 1/8 and 1/16 and is also useful for making many multi card folds.
Here are some videos that will guide you more about this wonderful tool.

4. IDEA-OLOGY DESIGN RULER-- this is no ordinary ruler... it has been divided into inches and in 1/4th and has extra special features  
Measuring will become a cakewalk with this ruler.

Some videos to guide you.

5.  RIBBON SPOOLER- Do you have a box full of ribbons all messed up? Ribbon organisation is a big problem with every crafter and we all love to hoard ribbons don't we!!!!
So this ribbon spooler will solve your problem. It rolls your ribbons in tight rolls within minutes and you can easily store them .

watch this video here to see what I mean--

6. GROOVE GOLF TOOL SET--Thats the ultimate tool for Flower making!!!!! Believe me!!!! your flower making will reach to the best levels if you have these tools.

7. CUTTLEBUG METAL ADAPTER PLATE--if you are into die cutting but face problem with intricate dies then here is something that will change your egony to enjoyment. A must have for all crafters who own a big shot or cuttlebug.This metal adapter plate gives that extra shim to your sandwich platforms giving perfect cuts everytime.

8. MISTI CREATIVE CORNERS--do you love stamping and have the MISTI... but still you are fumbling with your stamping is tool that will give you an extra edge while using your MISTI. This simple tool has so many wonderful features that you will be amazed. stamping multiple sentiments in straight lines, quick stamping, precise stamped lines all these is possible in minutes with the MISTI Creative Corners.

9. HEAT EMBOSSING TOOL---Another tool or gadget if thats what you call....this one deserves a top place on your craft table. Not only does it emboss over the embossing powders but is very useful for quick drying your projects or steps in flower making saving your time.

10. DIE CUTTING MACHINES--- An ultimate thing for your craft table. Be it a big shot, or big shot plus, or any electronic will love this...suit your budget and indulge in this die cutting machine and your scrapbooking or card will be amazed to see how much you can improve your creative skills with a die cutting machine.

Watch videos here----big shot plus-

There are many more videos on You Tube where you can see and learn about various crafting tools.

These tools above are a part of my daily crafting routine and I love each one of them. Invest in them and I promise you will thank me .....

Invest in the best tools at Crafters Corner

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Happy Crafting!!!!


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