Tuesday 25 July 2017


Hello everyone,

It's Anita here and I have a a wonderful product for you today. It is a treat for those who love to do precise stamping . So hey all  MISTI Lovers !!!! Here I have an added advantage for you all in the form of Creative Corners.

This is available at the Crafters Corner store here!!!

Creative corners is a stamp positioning tool for perfect stamp alignment to be used with the MISTI
Sounds  quite technical right !!! 
But believe me !!! once you get your hands on this, stamping will be a cake walk for you.

Creative corners contains 5 pieces -2 magnetic angled pieces and three non magnetic pieces-two triangle set squares as you get in the kids geometric box and one L shaped ruler.
This can be used with all three sizes of MISTI and just like MISTI which gives fool proof stamping, Creative Corners is one step ahead in making stamping more easy and precise. These can also be stored inside the MISTI except the L ruler that does not fit in the MINI MISTI.

It over comes all the flaws that one experienced with MISTI and helps one to create many cards with great ease.

There are loads of things that you can do with Creative Corners, together with the MISTI and also without the MISTI.

So let us look in to in great details at Creative Corners with MISTI

1. Helps in Masking with stencils and create angled sentiment stamping.

2. Helps to create background with stencils and others stamps.

3. Layered Stamping

4. Holds card stock firmly in place with magnetic angles and one do continuous stamping at equal intervals with much ease and without the fear of moving the card.

5. Position card stock for off the edge stamping with so much easy.

Creative Corners without MISTI

1.It helps in precise positioning of dies on card stock .

2. Helps in creating plaid or striped background using markers.

Here is video to show you actually how wonderful the Creative Corners is.

There are many videos on the You tube also showing various uses of the MISTI. Do check them too. So grab your Creative Corners now and start stamping happily and without fear.

Happy Stamping !!!!

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