Thursday 8 June 2017

Log play with PLAID

Good Morning....
Rupa here with  another Plaid play for this Thursday.
I have a great fascination for anything wood and always wanted a little wooden crate as home decor.
So I decided to play with a packaging box and some paints to create a "Faux Crate"...yes if you cant get one then make a faux one,lol!
Sit back and enjoy a lengthy tutorial and do give this technique a try, its messy but the way a lifeless paper comes to life with these paints is just magical!

Lets start...
These are paints I have used for this project.

The packaging box is given a coat of multi surface paints, pure black and bark brown.

I dry brush some Chalk paint (Imperial) on to card stock.

The card stock is then cut into strips.

Next comes a layer a teal. I dry brushed some sea side villa.

I mixed some paints to get a grey color that I wanted.

Using a sponge, I distressed the edges of the strips with grey paint .

Some black and white color splats and my first batch of wood strips are ready!

Next I take a piece of white chipboard and dry brush all the chalk paints in layers.

This is also distressed with brown paint around the edges and I have cut them to size required for this project. You can see the color splats too...these make the wood so real!

I then used mod podge and decoupaged a floral pattern onto a piece of chipboard.

This too was distressed with paint and given color splats!

Now it was time to assemble all the wood pieces and go onto make the crate!

 I started sticking all the strips on to the already colored packaging box.
Here is the how it got transformed!

Finally my dream wooden crate was ready! I am going to show you all the sided to this beauty...I really couldn't resist taking pictures here!

That's how it looks sitting on my desk!

Here is the top view and a closer look at the panels.

 The front with the floral panel.

 The side view. The chipboard gives an illusion of a wooden piece...what say???

 Another aerial shot!

 The box opens up to reveal my vising cards! Yes, I retained the original opening of the box and dry brushed the inside too, so that I now use the box.

 One last look at my "faux wooden crate" visiting card holder.

Thank you so much for your patience and I look forward to hearing your comments on this project.
I hope you do experiment and play with your Chalk paints on all surfaces.
This project is to mainly emphasize that Chalk paints can be used on chipboard and card stock too, to give some amazing wood like finishes!

I will see you next week with another Plaid play.
Until my next creative journey,
Happy crafting and recycling.

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