Saturday 11 April 2015

Welcome Spring!

A very big Hello to Everyone!

When I tell people I do “scrapbooking”, 
many of them think of a sugar paper book 
purchased from a newsagent or 
something made out of scrap etc 
with photos and 
several newspaper or magazine cuttings , 
and are usually quite confused with the whole idea.
How, where, why several questions fill up their mind.

But now things are different and the world of scrapbooking has taken a leap.
We now have designers papers, embellishments and more beautiful ways to
show off your wonderful photos, to put a meaning,
to add a story to them, a way to express your emotions.
By using designer papers and embellishments you can create 
wonderful pieces of art which can be treasured for years.

Here rolls in my very 1st DT
step- by- step photo tutorial.

Spring! Who doesn't love Spring.

Spring is nature’s way of saying, "Let’s party!" 
                         - Robin Williams

Filled with freshness, lively designs and happy colours
 Heidi Swapp - September Skies Paper Pad suited the best to work with.

The theme being Spring, I choose the following papers
with flowers and bright greens and reds.
(oh these flowers are so beautiful!)

After having chosen the papers now its time to decide on
which paper goes at the top, bottom and which one stays in-between 
as well as what combination makes a good attractive base for the layout,
(after a bit of thinking...)

I decided to go with the floral patterned paper being at the top.
(It is upto you to decide which paper you want to embellish.)

Now onto the next step.
Using the amazing super sturdy Tonic super trimmer,  
I have trimmed the following papers according to the sizes mentioned below.
(12" x 12" - Base)
 no need to trim
(11.5" x 11.5"- Centre)
(11" x11" - Top)

Viola! After deciding their positions it is time for the icing.
I picked these 2 papers from the Stack with some 
amazing quotes, words, patterns, bright and happy snap cards .
(It is always a good idea to use the snap cards.) 

 Having looked at all the snap cards I picked few of the co-ordinating ones,
especially the florals attracted me along with the abbreviations and
 the photo mats and now we are all ready to add the toppings.

Lets begin assembling now.
Using the  super red tacky tape I aligned and pasted the 3 papers 
on one corner as shown in the image below.
(There are several ways to arrange these papers)

Now its time for the snap cards arrangements
 Using the 3D foam tape and the red tacky tape
I arranged the snap cards and the photo mats.

There are several ways to arrange it.
Playing around with it all is indeed super fun. its time to add some cherries on the top using the amazing and super cool
(These beauties are a must, they are just amazing and can do 
wonder in beautifying your projects )

And here it is...all ready...

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If you wish to play around with this wonderful collection here are some more Inspirations.

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The Products List:
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I hope I have inspired you to create 
Happy Crafting!
Thanks for Stopping by
...Nupur Patel...


  1. WOW what a cheerful layout you have shared Nupur....super gorgeous !
    Dr Sonia
    Cards Crafts Kids Projects

  2. This really reminds of a Great Spring time......ultimate colors and lively layout.....great job.

  3. Awesome layouts, Nupur! I really like your tutorial too! Last one is my favourite !

  4. Such a fabulous tutorial and stunning layouts all of them I think the last one is my fave too <3

    1. Thank you so very much Valerie for your love and support, it truly means a glad you loved it...yay!...xx

  5. fantastic tutorial, love your work <3

    1. Thank you so very much Sandra for your love and support, it truly means a lot to glad you loved it...XOXO

  6. Such awesome layouts and they screams Spring!!!! Love it a lot, Nupur! Equally i always love ur write ups and which superbly compliments ur beautiful works!!!

  7. Thank you so very much Sathya for your kind words...yay...happy to know you loved my work and the write up....XOXO

  8. Nupur it's a masterpiece ! U gotta teach me this 😍....can't decide which one is my favourite...they are all so bright and cheerful.

  9. Excellent post Nupur! I absolutely adore the way you create such flawless layouts every time! They are so bright and happy! Loved them! Thanks for sharing

  10. nupur, loving each of ur creation soo fabulous...


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