Monday 11 March 2013

Distress markers review

Hello all,
its  kavitha to share some reviews on distress markers today.There is so much you can do with them,not just coloring alone.It can used for almost all the techniques that we use for distress inks.But before we go on to that,here is the basic things about Distress markers.

Distress markers are acid free and non-toxic.They come in a  color palette of 37 colors -36 colors from distress inks palette and one opaque color-picket fence..It comes with dual tip-brush tip and fine tip.Brush tip can be used for coloring and shading where as fine  tip can be used for writing,outlining,stenciling etc.

The brush tip of the marker is very flexible that you can make thin lines to thick lines,so you  can easily use it for coloring in very minute parts at the same time can easily cover a large  area as well.The markers are water based and blends very well with water,if you are a beginner you can use water brush ,others can use just a regular brush.Its almost like water coloring,if you know how to use water colors,then using distress markers  is just a piece of cake.

Distress markers comes in family of colors,so you can use different shades of same color and get a good depth in your can even use same color to get different shades(if you don't have all the shades),the more water you add,the more lighter the color becomes,and less water gives you darker colors.The colors may look patchy while doing,but once it dries it really blends with paper seamlessly and gives a super smooth finish.
P.S:If you are a beginner ,while shading allow some time in between each coats,once the first layers dries give the second coat,other wise the colors will blot.

So as i said earlier distress markers are not only meant for coloring,you can almost do all the techniques you do with distress inks and much more.

You  can create different effects with stamping,one of them is shaded effect.I have used a solid stamp here,and colored the stamp with 3  different shades and sprayed some water with mini mister before stamping, is a beautiful shaded water color effect with stamping.
Want to have colorful sentiments for your projects?no worries you can create  nice effects with distress markes.For the first one,i generally colored the stamp and stamped it.
For the second one i kept small small dots on the stamp and stamped on the paper,it gives a different effect.
Want to have different colors for same sentiment?for third one i have taken a big sentiment stamp with 5 lines,colored each one with difernt markers.
Want to have two colors in a single sentiment?i have taken a bold sentiment stamp and used two different colors.
These things are possible only with markers,and the possibilities  are endless,you just have to experiment.

You can create wonderful effects for your backgrounds.For the first one i .have kept some random dots on the acrylic block in differnet sizes,sprayed some water and applied it to the paper.
For second one i just scribbled some random lines on the acrylic block and sprayed some water and applied it to the paper.
For this you have to repeat the steps 3 times,first with more water,second with less water and third time without water.Great isn't it?you can different much more effect in this way..again you have to experiment a lot:)
So hope my review is quiet useful.Feel free to ask if you have any doubts.Distress markers is available in full set and individual colors in crafters corner at affordable price.

Happy crafting,
kavi (All craft supplies under one roof)
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  1. Thank you Kavitha very helpful review, especially for newbies like inspiring!I will save more to have those!

  2. What a Fabulous Review Kavi ...I never knew these markers were so versatile ...I loved the way you have used them to stamp the flourish and make the color gradient for the sentiment ...what an awesome effect :)...This goes in my must buy list as well :)

  3. Very nice review.. I love the colorful sentiments with distress markers.. n the block stamping is such a cool way to make colorful backgrounds.. lovely!


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