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Welcome CADENCE - Art and Hobby Paints

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Today I have no tutorial or any tip and techniques to share with you, don't worry my next post will be definitely about tutorial only ( so for that don't forget to comeback). It's an great opportunity for me to officially Introduce CADENCE here..

Many of you may already know what CADENCE is, via Crafty feast 3 or may be by learning from the Cadence Trainees.

CADENCE Art and Hobby Paints is a Turkish Brand or company from Turkey which is a pioneer in craft industry. Each and every product from Cadence is of utmost top quality and only manufacturing company in Turkey with CE & EN 71 certificate. All the products are Toxic free and are in compliance with European norms which perhaps make them friendly even with young ones.

JUST CADENCE IS ENOUGH FOR YOU- Cadence in all true sense does live to it's slogan, it summarizes completely brand offerings. Cadence have a huge when I say I mean literally huge range of products.
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CADENCE products are used by professional painters artists, crafters hobby and also by schools children as well. The wide variety of offerings includes paints, mediums, rice paper, fabric paints, fabric transfers, glues, and many more.

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CRAFTERS CORNER proudly present this amazing brand in India. It was launched in Crafty feast season 3. To know about the Cadence Crafters corner team brought the creators makers and designer from CADENCE, Turkey itself. I had splendid experience learning directly from the masters.

Crafters corner store is packed with the awesome range of products from CADENCE, here is image of Cadence designer Gulen Turan at our very own Crafters Corner store.

Crafters Corner store has huge variety of Very chalky colors , vintage gesso, fabric paints, fashion sprays and many more.

In crafty feast we have learnt about the products which focused on Home decor and fabrics.

Cadence paint quality is just perfect and is beyond amazing. Let me break the products in two segments here - home decor and Fabrics. First we will talk about the Home decor area


Cadence have a huge color range and products for home decor section. It gives us an amazing opportunity to recycle up cycle our new and old furniture's. Products widely used under this category are-

1- VERY CHALKY COLORS  { source }
What is very chalky color ?? what does it mean by very chalky ?? all these questions popped up in my head when I first saw the product.

Very chalky colors are Water based silky Matte, chalky finish paint with smooth distressing feature for a Vintage and Shabby Chic look. Covers easily the surfaces. Requires no priming or sanding before using. Adheres to even the slickest surfaces. One-coat coverage with most colors on most surfaces. Quick drying.Customize with waxes or varnishes to finish and protect the paint surface. Cleans up easily with soap and water. Non toxic. Certified by EN 71 & CE.

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 2- VINTAGE LEGEND { source }
Vintage Legend is Water based, specially formulated gesso paint with different sizes particles inside and colors to create crushed antique vintage surface. All kinds of Cadence acrylic paints can be used as first coat. For metal and glass surfaces, Cadence Hybrid is recommended as first layer. Apply Vintage Legend over the first coat.  For last layer over Vintage Legend, Very Chalky is recommended. Wait minimum 12 hours before scraping strongly. Cadence Home Decor Wax can be used for protection or colored waxes for depth. Non-toxic. Certified by EN 71 & CE.  

These products can absolutely be used on any surface and that is the beauty of CADENCE.

 Cadence offers wide range of pastes and are known as relief pastes. Broadly Cadence offers 
21 different type of relief pastes, from concrete relief paste to sculpture paste- from icy snow effect paste to textile paste from glass relief paste to metallic and many more.

All the pastes are water based and non toxic and can be used on almost any surface.

Crafters corner store has concrete relief paste, dora textile paste and glass relief paste in stock.

Tools plays a very important part in creating the projects. Cadence have perfect tools and best part they are very economical. Spatulas, to roller brushes , flat brushes

Waterbased superior wax with a creamy consistency for smooth application and fuse with the paint to provide a super strong layer of protection against daily use. Creates extra durability and beautiful appearance. Apply with brush or a soft clean cloth. Fast drying and nice odor. Cleans up easily with soap and water. Non toxic. Certified by EN 71 & CE.  


Cadence have wide variety of products when its comes to textiles. They have a specific range of products called DORA textile . Under Dora perla they have metallic paints, relief pastes formulated specifically used to use on fabrics.

Dora Perla Relief pastes are Water based, metallic and textured acrylic paste, applied for giving extra shiny dimensional effects on all hard surfaces. Applied to stencil and free pattern relief work. Advised to be used by a spatula, fan brush, sponge. Protect from frost. Non toxic. Certified by EN 71 & CE.  

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Water-based textile spray paint with a functional pump to create your own fashion. Odourless paint with vivid colors for light-coloured textiles with up to 20 % man-made fibres. Suitable for stencillling, masking, free-hand spraying and many other techniques. Spray first the light color than the dark color. Iron and wash from reverse at 40°C. Shake well. Non-toxic. Cleans up easily with soap and water. Non toxic. Certified by EN 71 & CE
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Cadence literally have huge collection of fabric transfers from prints to metallic, you have any theme in mind  they have for you.

What all can we make with CADENCE textile products ??
- You can make your own beautiful tote bags, pouches 
{we all should make our won beautiful bags BAN plastic}
-You can design your Cushion covers 
- You can design complete range of upholstery
- You can design your won T-shirts 
-You can design your own denims.
- You can make your own crazy shoes <3
- You can make caps 

And possibilities are ENDLESS.

What all can we make with CADENCE PAINTS ?
-Recycle old furniture. 
-Make beautiful home decor items 
-You can make beautiful gifting items

CADENCE will make you DIY QUEEN!!!

All product range is available at Crafters corner store and what are you waiting for we have 10% discount on all the products on account of Crafters Corner website 6th birthday.

You can shop all the products here.
Stay tuned for my next post about some tips and techniques with CADENCE products.




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