Saturday 28 January 2017

Heartfelt Creations flower with Dress My Craft "Groove Golf Tools"

Heyi my lovely Crafty Friends...

Welcome to the Crafters Corner Blog...Today I am going to do a project with Groove Golf Tools..Yess!!!
You guessed it right..this is newly launched by DRESS MY CRAFT...and not only one tool...they have came up with 4 different size of golf tools perfect for your flower shaping..

These golf tools are made of high quality stainless steel and a must have for flower makers. These are perfect for embossing paper cut flowers and thai clay flowers.

This is my first try with Heartfelt Creations Dies and Stamps and I must say I loved it...When Shalini Di asked me to do a review post on these tools, I was actually wondering whether I would be able to do justice with it or not..because I am not very much into Flower making..

But while using it, I found it so easy because of various sizes available. So there are 4 sizes in this tool,

Large- Perfect for large Petals
Medium- Best with medium size Petal, also can be used with Large petals
Small- Goes well with Small size petal
Mini- Perfect for very small petals

All the four sizes have one side with is little curved and looks like Golf Stick. Other side of Large tool is cylindrical and best to push the center of the flower petal. And the other size is pointed in rest of the other sizes. Pointed side can be used to poke the flower center to put pollen.

So, I will showing everything in the video tutorial..but before moving on to that let's see what I have created,

So here goes the Video tutorial of how to use the golf tools in flower shaping..

I hope you all enjoyed making flowers..all the products are available at Crafter Corner so go grab it..
Please do share your reviews if you like it.


  1. Lived your rich red blooms Sampada.great tute on using the tool to make these flowers. Am on it soon!

  2. Such vibrant blooms Sampada!!! And awesome photography
    Dr Sonia

  3. Beautiful flowers Sambada.


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