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Isn’t the last post by my fellow DT Suzna Amazing ??? I am so much in love with it. To begin with I am sorry was Mia last month wasn’t keeping well and thank you so much for the super supportive carfters corner DT team for their love and support.

Today I am going to share something about SOSPESO TRANSPARENTE...  I am sure we all are very much familiar by the term SOSPESO TRANSPARENTE... just in case you are new to the term, Let me Introduce you to SOSPESO TRANSPARENTE

                                                          Picture credit: google

SOSPESO TRANSPARENTE is a volume decoupage decorative technique created and patented by Italian artist MONICA ALLEGRO. Sospeso Trasparente allows you to make volume decorative elements from special printed films, paper and fabrics. Quoting Monica Allegro herself " Sospeso Transparente  means transparent and raised up process"
The technique basically involves heating special plastic films and making 3 D shapes out of it.

Before moving ahead I want to tell you that this is a Basic post on SOSPESO TRANSPARENTE, for further techniques keep looking up the space will share soon ... let’s get back to basics..
Let me tell you this form of art is so very addictive and extraordinary and I would like to Thanks a tonnes to Monica Allegro for inventing it.

Sospeso Transparente art involves special printed sheets, special super soft light weight embossing pad and wooden embossing tools.

You guys might be wondering what is so special about these sheets and tools...
For beginners it is advised to first try Special printed sheets patented by Monica Allegro

Sospeso Tranparente special plastic printed films comes with beautiful designs printed on them. Unlike other plastics these are safe, non toxic and do not let out hazardous chemicals when heated over candle.

Now What is so special about its Embossing Pad and Embossing Tool-

Unlike the embossing pads used for punch-craft and parchment the Embossing pad for Sospeso Transparente is super soft, spongy and comes in white color and is made of special material which can take the heat and won’t damage the delicate printed designs on the sospeso printed films.

Sospeso Embossing tools are made of wood, not like steel made tools for punchcraft. The reason why these are made of wood is because wood is a good conductor of heat. These special Monica Allegro designed embossing wooden tools are the most gentle on the delicate designs. The plastic and metal tools are more likely to leave scratch marks on the delicate designs.

Additional Material Required:

Glue- Hot glue / E6000


Step 1-  Cutting
First and foremost important step is cutting... Although it's a time taking process to fussy cut all the prints on the sheets. Be cautious while cutting the designs you don't want to cut the beautiful prints or scratch them. 
While cutting make sure you don't just cut the edges, cut the intricate designs inwards as well...

STEP 2- Heating

Monica Allegro  has recommended Heating with the hair dryer in her book of Sospeso Transparente She recommends heating the flower while placing it on the embossing pad and embossing it at the same time without switching off the dryer! Although I have not tried this method, I have used candle to curl heat and emboss my flowers.

While working with candle make sure you don't burn your fingers and cut outs. Candle happen to be one of the most go to conventional tool for heating process. 
1- Heat from the non printed side.
2- Make your candle is of good quality and does not smoke and leave residue over your prints.
3- Use forceps/tweezers to heat the small cut outs or intricate designs..
4- Maintain good distance between candle flame and printed sheet, you don't wan to burn your prints.(Pssstt.. I managed to burn one..) 
5- You can reheat and shape your designs as desired.

When you heat the plastic film  prints it starts to curl-- quickly transfer to your embossing pad and emboss.
  • Heat and emboss  petals first and then the centre of the flower
  • Choose which size of embossing ball you want to use, like for example for bigger petals use the bigger size ball end and to get a deeper embossing use the smaller more pointed embossing ball end
Hop over to tutorial to make these beauties .....

Projects I have made with SOSPESO TRANPARENTE :-

In the above picture you can see I have stacked one flower over the other to have volume. You cam add layers to make it more voluminous and give fuller effect. I have just added two layers but you can try more...

I hope you all liked the gorgeous art form SOSPESO TRANSPARENTE by Monica Allegro. 
Don't forget to try your hands on this magical art form, I am sure you will all love it.

Last but not the last I apologies in advance if I am wrong with any of your copyrighted techniques Monica Aellgro.
I will try to improve in my next attempt.

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Material Used- 


  1. Beautiful post Isha. Thanks for the video tutorial. I never tried this flower technique. And my sister start craft work recently. she also love this. these flower are perfect for glass decoration

  2. Fantastic ... You make it look so easy and beautiful

  3. Beautiful post and video Isha. The blooms look gorgeous.

  4. Thank you fr this post....i m new to this technique n ur post is really helpful..


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