Thursday 4 June 2015

Our world of short forms

Tejal here after a long long time!
Today I am here with a post specially for  Beginner Crafters and Stampers...Well for everyone..but especially beginners.

I loved this idea for a post when Shalini brought it up to me..and I simply could not say no to this. My inbox is usually full with questions from loads of newbie crafters...What is this, what does this do, is this better or which product do I pick! And so this post seemed apt to begin this series.

When you are new to the blog world, you come across lots of short form of words, some new words that you as an absolute beginner would get confused about. I used to  be here is a list of the most frequently used short words/shortcuts used in the crafting, stamping world..with an explanation as to what they are.

ATC - Artist Trading Cards..
These are miniature cards which measure 2.5x3.5 inches..and are not usually the fold-able types. They are small pieces of art which are usually Swapped (see Swaps below) or exchanged. They can be called your business cards but with a personal artistic twist to it. On the reverse of each card,  you have to mention your Name, Email, your Blog(optional) and if you are swapping them, the month of the swap and theme of the swap.

 Here are some of the examples of the ATC's I've made for swaps. Since I usually prefer cutesy type cards, these are what I've made, but you can make any style you like! Since these are made to reflect your style.

ATG - Advanced Tape Glider or as I call it, Adhesive Tape Gun
This is a glue that comes in the form of a tape, and comes inside a gun like holder. All you do is glide the roller across your paper and the glue strip adheres down. Think of it as using a marker pen, just as the pen gives you a line, so will the ATG give you a line of glue. Check this video here to see how it works. Find it in the store here

BS - Big Shot machine
This is a die cut what the heck is that? Well simply put, it is a pressure machine, which cuts paper using shaped dies. Whatever the shape of the die, you can cut it out of paper, felt, cardstock, printed paper etc...using the die cut machine. Find it here

A blog is like a personal diary or a online journal that you document your thoughts and experiences. For us crafters, it is a way to put down a lot of what we create and share so that everyone can read it, see your work and appreciate your work by leaving comments. If you don't have a blog, start one and document your progress as you start your crafting journey. It's fun getting feedback from your peers. Its free to start up a blog!

A Blog hop is like an event, a celebration of sorts, when you jump/hop/go from one blog to the next. Usually there is one main blog, which links you to the next blog, then you hop over to that blog, and the 2nd blog will link to the 3rd blog and so on. A blog hop can have any number of blogs, from 4-100 and more!! There is no limit. And since you go from one blog to another, its called a blog hop! 

This is a style of card making. As the name suggests, its Clean and simple. Simply stated, it has a main image and a sentiment and nothing much. Keeping it simple is the main essence of the card. You don't add a ton load of embellishments or flowers to it. Here are examples of Clean and Simple, CAS cards that I have previously made.
Amazing collection of stamps is available in the store .


 This simply means, if you like someone's card and you want to copy it/reproduce it/create something based on that design(as most of us like to call it, "Being inspired from"), you use the term CASEing that card. And when you CASE the card, you also have to link back to the original card, and give credit to the person whose card you have CASED. Even if you change a little detail, you still have to credit the original artist.

CB- Cuttlebug
This is another die cut machine, just like the Big Shot, but smaller and more compact.This was before Big shot was available.

DI- Distress inks
This is one brand of inks that are apart from the rest for its amazing blending properties. You can check our blog for some amazing tutorials using Distress inks.If I start explaining what they are, we will probably be here for days!!
The best is we have them in various packagings :
Singles , minis n kits....

DP/PP- Design paper/Pattern paper
These are printed papers which come in various amazing designs, and are mostly used in scrapbooking, as well as card making. Most come in a theme pack, where all the papers in that stack co-ordinate with each other. Check out the HUGE range in the store here...

DCWV - Die cuts with a view
This is a fantastic brand of pattern paper which is available in our shop. Most stacks have 48 papers, and also you get huge stacks of 180 sheets!

 DT- Design Team
This is term used for a person who works with a particular Stamp/die Company/brand or a store and designs various projects, tutorials using the products from the store. They share how to use products more effectively, more ways to use the same products or introduce you to the newest products that arrive in the store.

ETA- Edited to Add
Many times you see a blog post, with ETA at the top of the post. This is written when the person has some new information regarding the post, and has Edited the post to add that additional information.

GDT - Guest Design Team Member
This is when a person is invited to write a special post for the Blog, and who is not a member of the team. That person is referred to as the Guest Design Team Member. They can be invited for a single post or a series of posts over a period of one month.

 LO - Layout
This is the term used to describe the arrangement of a scrapbook you arrange the photographs, the embellishments, the journaling etc. The single page is referred to as a layout or a scrapbook page. And a collection of such pages, bound in a book form or with rings is called a scrapbook. Check this awesome post to see how to create your first Layout...

RAK - Random Act of Kindness
This is when someone sends you a surprise gift pack which may contain scrapbook material, craft material or even some food goodies. It is simply sent and there is never an expectation of a return RAK, As the term says, its Random Act...and you do it because you like that person. Kind of a "Just Because" gift. You do not ask someone to send you a RAK because they have a lot of crafting supplies. That is simply not correct, unless that person is your best friend. Then you can demand whatever you want from them! :p
When you get a RAK, the proper manners are to thank the person via email, call or you can post the picture of your goodies with a thank you note on your blog or social media account. 

Simply put, SWAP or SWAPPING is when you exchange cards/ATC's  with someone else. Sometimes its just between two individuals and sometimes there is one person organizing the whole swap in groups of 5-10 individuals,  who is called the hostess. Its a great way to get to know more people, find out more about their crafting style and get something personalized in return.

UTEE - Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel.
This is like an embossing powder, but it gives a nice thick and glossy finish to your project. The crystals are larger than your regular embossing powder. You can check my post over here for more details and how to use it.

These are the few terms I could think of. If you have any more doubts, queries, drop a comment and I will edit the post and add those too!

See you soon with another post!
Much Love


  1. These are all MUST knows for a new crafter!A perfect post to find out basic related to crafting...Thanks for sharing Tejal. :) I didn't know about ATC and SWAP :)
    Suchi xx

  2. Amazing post tejal......thanks a lot for making it possible....
    We owe a big thanks to you ....

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  8. Interesting n highly informative post

  9. Interesting n highly informative post

  10. Very informative post,Tejal. I am sure it will help lots of crafters out there.

  11. Great post Tejal !! lots of 'you want to know but don't know who to ask' !!

  12. Thanks for the great post Tejal...very helpful for all crafters!!!

  13. Thanks tejal for sharing information, as I m in primary stage of blogging and still stuck with the does and don't of it,it will surely help me.

  14. Wonderful post Tejal...when I first started blogging I was flummoxed by all the terms Especially "RAK" . This post will be so useful to crafty bloggers!
    Dr Sonia
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  15. This one was such an informative post Tejal. Can you believe till like a few weeks back when I was going through your blog, I found this one post about your stamp collection where you said most of your rubber stamps were RAK and I actually thought they were a brand :P This one felt like an exam paper to me where I was screaming out I know I know for every heading :) Hopefully your doubts inflow is reduced from now :P

  16. Thanks Tejal for such an informative post.... your all posts are always loaded with knowledge....waiting for another one....

  17. Thanks Tejal for such an informative post.... your all posts are always loaded with knowledge....waiting for another one....

  18. Great idea Tejal. Am sure it will help any new crafter. Wish someone had this two years ago when I started ๐Ÿ˜œ

  19. Fabulous post Tejal! I am sure this will be of great help to all the Crafters :)


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