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Reviewing Glues - E6000

            Hi Crafters Thank you so much for the wonderful enthusiastic response to my reviews of Crafting scissors. Cutting Tools and Glues are a basic part of a crafters armament  and the range of adhesives is so huge it is a daunting task for me to review glues!
           The picture above shows my adhesive collection. The ones on the right are ones we get in the Indian market and the ones on the left are imported ones; most of which are available at Crafters Corner.
When I started reading up about adhesives adhesive was glorified  again and again by crafters the world over as the "Best glue for everything" ...the E6000!
So will start the review series on adhesives with E6000
E 6000
What is E6000 ?
E6000 is an industrial strength glue which can stick metal , ceramic, wood , glass etc.Once bonded the strength of its adhesion is fantastic! Its a hot favorite among jewelry makers since it gives such a good adhesion even with everyday wear of the jewelry.
It is not recommended for styrofoam/ thermocol , paper and certain plastics.
Tips on using E6000 
E6000 Instructions
The picture above shows the instructions printed on the package but no need to peer at the picture ......will tell you the important aspects!
           Before you use your tube of E6000...make sure your kids are not around you  and you are working in a well ventillated area [like most strong glues this one is also toxic] .

Because its a super strong glue ,clogging of the tube and the cap sticking to the tube can be a problem and this can be prevented by smearing a blob of petroleum jelly into the cap when you use the E6000.
E 6000 seems to be very popular with jewelry makers and I found many videos and articles on how to use it with gorgeous gemstones and Swarovski crystals. If you want to stick tiny gemstones you can smear a little glue onto a plastic lid and use a toothpick to apply glue.
I used E6000 to design as well as repair old broken favorite pieces of  jewelry .
E6000 projects
Rescued some pearl drops from broken earrings ,used jewelry pins to add it to some resin roses and created a new pair of earrings by sticking flat earring studs using E6000.
Earring Making
It is recommended to apply a bit of glue to both your surfaces to be glued and wait 2 mins before sticking them together.
When you stick your objects together you can wipe away any excess glue seepage by wiping away with a small cloth.
Earring Making
Unlike feviquick/superglue etc, the best thing about E 6000 is that it gives you 2- 5 minutes time to arrange the objects you want to glue perfectly and it doesnt stick like crazy to your skin either!
After you have placed the 2 gluing surfaces together its important to leave your project un disturbed for 24 hours minimum for it to  form a good adhesion .
Rest uneven surfaced projects such as the rings and some earrings
Rose ring
on a surface such as a cup of beads![Picked up this idea from a jewelry designer- she used rice...I couldnt bear the thought of wasting rice so used  these plastic beads instead]
Resting base for E6000 glued projects
I am not much of a jewelry artist but I did feel ecstatic making my own simple pieces of jewelry +  giving new life to old broken favorites!
E6000 Projects
Not all of us are jewelry makers so will show you one more project where I really put the E6000 to test!
CD craft with E6000
          The Glue gun is my go to adhesive for quick fixes and difficult to glue objects but anyone who has  used the glue gun for some time you will know that most things [except felt and foam] glued with hot glue will fall off over time! If you want to make a durable handicraft need a stonger glue! 
           CDs are crazily difficult objects to glue things on to and since E 6000 was supposed to be a strong enough to glue ceramic I put it to test by gluing marbles all over my CD!
E6000 project
As you know marbles are pretty heavy and I even used the E6000 to add a metal cabochon atop the marbles! After the mandatory 24 hr wait I was super thrilled to see all  the marbles stuck on so firmly!
My CD- Marble plaque is quite heavy but you can see how nicely all the elements are held even when it stands upright for display!
CD- Marble craft
Since E 6000 dries clear I had a nice a shiny project reflecting light from the marbles and the CD!

Where to buy  E 6000 in India : CRAFTERS CORNER

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You can see my Pinterest Board on Adhesives  for more projects and reviews about the E6000 and other adhesives.
Will be reviewing other adhesives in the weeks to come.
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  1. Wow amazing review and projects ....was looking for a strong glue for jewellery making purposes bt has lot of confusion ....nd u becum my savior ...thnku :)

    1. Thank you for the encouragement Shruti...E6000 is a jewelry designers favorite and do check out my pins on my Adhesives pinterest board..have pinned lots of jewelry tips with E 6000

    2. Chinni avaialable at Crafters Corner :

  2. What a detailed and fantastic review on the E6000 glue, Dr. Sonia. I had no idea it was such a strong glue and was not sure for what surfaces it was used. Your post clarified a lot of doubts. Your marble plaque looks beautiful. Love the color. :D

    1. Hussena ever since Shalini brought it to her shop I was eyeing it since there is so much written about it online.

  3. Yet another brilliant post Doc!!! Will have to order the glue now... I wasn't sure of it's usage but now it's crystal clear ...thanks for the review

    1. Arjita glad you liked it... I hate the local fewiquick and the E6000 is so much superior..only problem is having to use it when my daughter is not around as the packaging issues scary warnings!

  4. One more well explained post about a new to me product ! I didn't new there is a glue stronger and better then fevikwik, loved the marble plaque.

    1. Pooja I personally dislike Fevikwik as the tube gets clogged so fast and I hate it when the fevikwik gets on my fingers. In Indian glues I liek fevibond but the yellow color it leaves is a disadvantage

  5. wonderful. thank you for all the information

    1. Thank you Ashmita... I see you have used it in some of your add any tips if you can

  6. Can I use e6000 to stick paper quilling motifs to plastic hairbands? ?

  7. These are gorgeous earrings- thanks for the petroleum jelly tip. I have that problem with many glues :) Not a fan of E6000 though- did a review on my blog - the smell is really something else!!!


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