Monday, 27 October 2014

Bonus post....!!!

Hi crafty people ....
I wanted to share an album I created few days back with the 12x12 chipboard which is available in so many colours in our store. I was initially very hesitant to work with chipboard but I have some adorable friends who helped me in this. 
Using Chipboard gives your project,which can be a box or an album much more strength as compared to thick cardstock.
I wanted my first attempt simple and so i created a simple box and a mini to be kept inside it. 
The output was lovely and was liked by so many people. Crafters corner is the place where I share my best creations and wish to inspire you to be open to experiments and challenges.
This kind of a box can be a ultimate gift for someone special and close .
Here are few of the picture ...

Hope u like them ..
Wish u all a very happy festive time ahead!!!!


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