Thursday 28 November 2013

Creating a Butterfly Mosaic Two ways...Part 1

Hello everyone...the butterfly fanatic here today....I was to do a video for this but sadly I have such a bad cough...that I could not do a talking video...and I didn't want to do a silent one today I have a picture tutorial for you....

On how to use your intricate dies in a little different way...Of course you can just cut them and stick them down. Everyone does that...but I'm showing you how you can take it one step further!!
So do I show you the project first or the steps???

Lets start with the steps!! I am of course going to use butterfly dies!! Could I use any other?? :D

1. I started with the Vivienne Butterfly die from Memory box...and die cut 3 colors out of it. Try to keep the pieces will help you later on. 

2. I have my base CS..the grey, the black mat and another grey piece....I die cut another butterfly out of it....placing it exactly where I wanted it on my Card.

 3. After tracing the shape of the grey cut on the black CS...I liberally applied glue with my tape that it stays sticky till I get to the next step...If I use liquid glue will just dry up!

4. Stuck the grey die cut piece on my black mat and added the black piece of butterfly. (With all the inner pieces removed...we are going to create a mosaic!!)
 5. Here I have glued the outline within the grey panel....
6. And now...start adding the inner pieces of the other colors....The reason why I said, try not to remove the pieces right so that you can pick each piece and know where it goes!!  Make sense?

 7. Here I have all my pieces stuck inside the can do as many colors or as little colors as you want!! Its all upto your imagination!
 8. Here I am using my Perfect layering ruler to get a 1/16th mat around my focal piece. I will be doing a video on this fabulous product soon!
 And glue the focal piece to your base CS. Tada!! using the die, but in a different way!! Takes just a little extra time...but the results are before you!!

Scroll to the next post for the next card!! (I'm breaking this up so you can read it in two posts...rather than one long post!!)


  1. saw the cards in your earlier post - pretty design and thanks for sharing the steps Teju
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  2. wonderful technique ...outstanding results !

  3. Great technique! The butterfly looks awesome!

  4. Love the way you use your butterflies.... Awesome....

  5. Wow this looks so beautiful Tejal :)..Thank you so much for sharing this step by step tutorial ..this is really on my must do list !

    1. I would love to see your interpretation of this Hussena...i'm sure you will create something amazing!! please please get back to crafting!! missing your posts!!

  6. Simply majestic implementation tee :)

  7. superb Tute Tee....
    gotta try this !!
    Tfs !!

  8. Nice blog I love this hope some one will also like my blog


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