Tuesday 10 December 2013

Results for Nov Challenge #14 - Make it festive


As promised ,today is the day that we announce the winners of last month's challenge. We saw some great entries and are thankful for your participation.

So without further ado, here is the line-up of the winners,top 3 entries and honourable mentions.

The winner this month is ENTRY NO.4 -Pooja for her gorgeous Christmas tags

I especially love the Reindeer with its glittery goodness.

Please write to with 'winner' in the subject to claim your prize and badge.

On to the top 3 entries this month.In no particular order ,we have -

Entry no 16 - ROHINI with her lovely Diwali Cards

Entry no.31 - LEKHA for her beautiful textured and quilled wedding layout.Totally in love with the background.

Entry no.9 - HAZEL for her adorable winter scene card.

Congratulations ladies!Great job!

Please claim your badges soon! Write to with 'Top-3' in the subject. 

And last but not the least we have some entries which definitely need to be mentioned for their creativity and in no particular order ,those are .................
Entry no 3 - MONISHA with her set of Christmas tags.I love the Angel and the wreath she made.

Entry no 22 - TINA .I loved all the little ornaments she made for her Christmas tree tag. Very creative ,I must say.

Entry no. 13 -RASHI GUPTA for her quilled Tea-light holder.

Entry no.28 - Dr. Sonia for her beautiful thermocol lotus and the tutorial that she generously shared.

and a special mention for our youngest participant entry no.6 - LITASHA who is just 14 years old and tried her hand at quilling.Kudos to you baby girl. May you stay crafty always.:-)

Congrats to all the special mentions !! We would love to see your projects once again in our upcoming challenges !!

Please claim your badges soon! 
Write in to us at with 'Honorable Mention' in the subject. 

oops, I almost forgot.I also need to announce the random winner,don't I? :-)

Our random winner for this month is ENTRY NO 27 - GAYATRI GANESH.Congratulations!

Congrats ! You have won yourself a Gift Voucher from Crafters Corner worth Rupees 500.
Go shop from our store & Have fun crafting !!
Pls write to us at with ' random winner' in the subject to claim your gift voucher.
That's all for today folks.As mentioned in my previous post,we are on a break and will be back in the New year,so let me take this opportunity to wish a Merry Christmas and a very very happy new year from all of us at Crafters corner.
See you soon!

Friday 29 November 2013

I am going loopy!

Hello folks,

This is Pallavi and today is my turn to share a tutorial with you. Before I do that though ,I have some important announcement to make.

We have good news! Crafters corner is going to be BIGGER  and BETTER..Isn't that amazing news!  Crafters Corner is expanding the business and since this takes a lot of work, we will be taking a break from the blog for the month of December which will continue till Mid -Jan.We plan to come back with a bang soon!

Also, the results for the November challenge will be announced on the 10th of Dec instead of the 5th.

On to the project now.Today's project is super simple and fast to make.

I am making a mini wreath that can be used as a Christmas tree ornament, wall décor or door décor. You can make it as big or small as you want.

Here is what you need
Pattern paper
Bling,pearls,glitter etc for decoration

The first step is to cut out a circle from a cardboard.It can be any size.Mine was 5 inches approximately. Cut out and remove a smaller circle from the middle of the cardboard and this will give you a wreath shape.(I forgot to take a pic of this step!).Paint your wreath base.

Take your pattern paper ( double sided) and cut 1/2 inch wide strips. You can go with one single design of pattern paper or mix and match. For my wreath,I cut out multiple strips measuring 4 inches,3 inches and 2 inches respectively. The width for all of these would be half an inch.

Now is the time to get loopy.:-).You will fold each of the strips into a loop and glue the ends together. I have no clue how to explain this, so just take a look at the picture.

The number of loops you need will depend on how large your wreath base is. For mine, I cut out 18 strips of each size.

Adhere the largest loops around the circumference of the base. Once done , adhere the second and the third layers..

And that's it,your basic wreath is done. Attach ribbon or string at the back for hanging and pearls or beads to hide the ends of the last layer of loops.

Decorate as per your taste.I used bling, gold glitter and pearls along with some mulberry flowers from our store.

This is how mine looks.I used a strip of acetate and stuck it at the back horizontally since I wanted to to spell out 'JOY' in the centre.


Supplies used :

Teresa Collins Far and Away collection
Inkessential Glossy Accents
Scotch ATG
Mulberry Flowers
Little Lindy's : Gossamer Gold

Hope you like this tutorial.I am going to make a few more and use them as my Christmas party decorations.Will you be trying these?

This is the last post of the month.We will see you in December!


Thursday 28 November 2013

Creating a Butterfly Mosaic Two ways...Part 1

Hello everyone...the butterfly fanatic here today....I was to do a video for this but sadly I have such a bad cough...that I could not do a talking video...and I didn't want to do a silent one today I have a picture tutorial for you....

On how to use your intricate dies in a little different way...Of course you can just cut them and stick them down. Everyone does that...but I'm showing you how you can take it one step further!!
So do I show you the project first or the steps???

Lets start with the steps!! I am of course going to use butterfly dies!! Could I use any other?? :D

1. I started with the Vivienne Butterfly die from Memory box...and die cut 3 colors out of it. Try to keep the pieces will help you later on. 

2. I have my base CS..the grey, the black mat and another grey piece....I die cut another butterfly out of it....placing it exactly where I wanted it on my Card.

 3. After tracing the shape of the grey cut on the black CS...I liberally applied glue with my tape that it stays sticky till I get to the next step...If I use liquid glue will just dry up!

4. Stuck the grey die cut piece on my black mat and added the black piece of butterfly. (With all the inner pieces removed...we are going to create a mosaic!!)
 5. Here I have glued the outline within the grey panel....
6. And now...start adding the inner pieces of the other colors....The reason why I said, try not to remove the pieces right so that you can pick each piece and know where it goes!!  Make sense?

 7. Here I have all my pieces stuck inside the can do as many colors or as little colors as you want!! Its all upto your imagination!
 8. Here I am using my Perfect layering ruler to get a 1/16th mat around my focal piece. I will be doing a video on this fabulous product soon!
 And glue the focal piece to your base CS. Tada!! using the die, but in a different way!! Takes just a little extra time...but the results are before you!!

Scroll to the next post for the next card!! (I'm breaking this up so you can read it in two posts...rather than one long post!!)

Wednesday 27 November 2013

Butterfly Mosaic Part 2

P.S. Do scroll up and see the previous post too...I've broken tutorial into two posts...

Lets look at another way of creating a doesn't have to be a butterfly...any die that has intricate pieces can be made this way....the steps remain the same.
TIP- Try to pic a die with bigger pieces inside as it will be easier to piece it back together.

This time I'm starting with two outline shapes...and one solid shape. This mosaic will be like an of the base CS...

 1. My base is black CS...can be any color...since you are not going to see it at all once you complete your mosaic...

 2. Using my Tombow tape runner...apply glue generously on the solid shape..

 3. Since I wanted a red outline and grey inside pieces....I'm gluing my red piece first to the solid shape...
 4. A small trick here....instead of picking each piece and gluing it the grey butterfly on top of the red on...and just push each piece will pop right into place and because you already have the will stick right there!!
 5. Now I have all the grey pieces within the red outline!!

 6. I also wanted to show how to give a wonderful effect on your CAS cards....and outline from your die...
This is how I stack my plates in the cuttlebug...
From the bottom.
A plate
B plate
Two tan embossing mats (two gives a deeper impression)
Die facing down (into the CS)
B plate
And run it through your machine!

7... This is what you get...a wonderful edge... And now just stick your butterfly within the frame...

And here are the two cards I made...same die...same method...and two completely different results.... ( I do have to say...I love the neatness of that black mat...its soooo perfect!!! )

Which is your favorite??

Vivienne Butterfly Die
Darla Butterfly die
Tombow Tape runner - Permanent
Penny black - Petal party (sentiment)
Perfect Layering Rulers
Label 17 die..(For the border)

Tuesday 26 November 2013

Happy Snowman on a Frosty Morning...Picture Heavy Tutorial Post !

Hi Friends,
This is Riti Banka Poddar here today, Saying Hello.
It's such a wonderful time with the change in the weather...with cool evenings & sunny mornings. It's Time to get all those fancy warm clothes out along with our favourite. blankets to snuggle in & stay warm!!

For my Tute, I wanted to welcome the Winters, hence I made this Happy Snowman on a Frosty Morning - Slider Pop Up card !

so let's begin the Pictorial for this awesome Slider Pop Up Card !
It's a PICTURE HEAVY please sit back with hot Coffee/Hot Chocolate & some of your fav. cookies to enjoy the Tute !!

Before I begin the Tute, here's a picture of the complete Card !
Click on the pictures for a larger picture.

Okay let's begin with the Tutoial "

Firstly gather your Card stock in the sizes shown in the picture below.
(note : The card stock should be sturdy enough to be in an upright position)

Next : Emboss the 5 3/8"x4" card stock using your embossing Folder.

Use your Distress Paint Daubers to give a Distressed Look to the embossed Card Stock.

Score at 1 1/2" from one end. This will be the base of the POP-UP !

Score the 2 1.2" x 1 1/2" Piece at 1/2"
This is the Front Pop Up Piece. (sorry about the blurry picture)

Next score the 2 3/4"x 1" piece at  1/2" and 2 /4"
This is the Back Pop Mechanism Piece.

Now score the 1 1/2" x 1/2" piece at 1/2" and 1"
This is the Back Pop Up mechanism Piece.

Our next step will be to decorate our Wrap Up Piece.
Take your 1 1/2" x 9" piece and Stamp on it.
(You can also take a Pattern Paper if you like)
But make sure the paper is a thin one, so that the card can slide easily.

Next apply a strong Glue to the Bottom of the Embossed piece.
Do not go above the score line.

Now line up the Long stamped Piece to the Base of the 
embossed Piece along the scored line. 

Lay the base flat on the work surface & lift up the Upper
Part of the embossed piece as shown above.

Now take the Front Pop Up piece, and apply glue on 
one end till the score line.

Stick the Base of this Pop Up piece to the fold of the 
embossed piece's centre.

Next take your 1 1/2" x 1/2" piece which is scored at 1/2" and 1".
Apply glue to the ends. This is the Front Pop Up
Mechanism Piece.

Attach this small mechanism piece to the previous
 piece at the top scored line, as shown above.

Stick the other end to the embossed Piece directly.
It should look like this.

Your card will be upright as shown above.
The front Pop Up piece is Ready !!

Next, take the Base piece and line it up under the embossed piece. 
It should form a uniform frame all around. DO NOT STICK THE BASE TO THE EMBOSSED PIECE. Make sure the base of the card & the Band Piece is lined up properly.
You can press it down as well to keep it flat.

Next step is to make the band.
For that you will need to adhere one end of the stamped 
strip to the other end. Just make sure the band is not 
too tight, as it will make the paper buckle up.
It should be nice & Snug enough to keep the paper in an 
upright position else if too loose it will slide back in a
 flat position.

The band should look like this at the back.

Next you will need to take off the white base piece from the band.

Now using your 1" circle punch, punch out a semi circle 
in the centre through all the layers. This will form
the notch to pull the base piece. 

In case you want a sentiment/greeting make sure
that you write/stamp an inch above the that
it doesn't show through the punched area.

Once you have punched out the base, Slide back the white 
base card back into the band from behind.
It should look like this now.

Pull the card & bring it into an upright position.

Now take the last piece which is 2 3/4" x 1". Sharpen the crease
at 1/2" and 2 1/4" and glue at the scored edge on opposite sides.
Measure an inch down from the centre of the base top as shown above & stick one end of the pop up piece at the white base.

Now bring back the embossed piece to the white base. 
It will get stuck to the already glued pop up piece at the white base.

Next hold the card at the two sides of the band & pull the 
white tab which peeks through the punched area..
and Voila!! You have a Sliding Pop Up Card there.
It's ready to be embellished with all your favourite dies, stamped images,
embellishments etc....

here are some more pics of the card that I made.........

It's easy to go in the mail as well...just if you want to send these to your Friends & Family who live far away from you. The recipients can also display them in their craft room or living rooms in the Popped Up Position... This will surely make their occasion a very special one !!

Well by now I'm sure you all would want the List of the supplies that I used to make this cutie..isn't it??  Here's the list of supplies :

Card Stock : Recollections & Elle Erre by Fabriano
Silver Mirror Paper : for the Snowman's Hat 
Cricut Expression Machine : (for all the die cutting)
Christmas Cheer : Cartridge
Resin Piece - Wreath from Crafter's Corner
Stickles by Ranger : Diamond
                                Orange Peel
Distress Markers : Shabby Shutters
                        Vintage Photo
                       Walnut Stain
Watercolor Pencils : Faber Castelle
Memento Ink : Summer Sky
                       Tuxedo Black
Archival Ink by Ranger - Jet Black
Distress Ink - Tumbled Glass
                 Stormy Sky
                Black Soot
Inkadinkado stamp : Christmas Characters
Hero Arts : Cling Canvas Stripes Stamp
Distress Paint : Chipped Sapphire
                  Broken China
Cuttlebug Embossing Folder : Snowflakes
Martha Stewart : Scor Board
Fiskars : SureCut Deluxe Craft Paper Trimmer (12")

I hope you all have enjoyed my tutorial !!
I had a wonderful time bringing this together for all my crafty friends here.
Cheers!! to winters & the Festive times ahead !

Warm Hugs to All,