Saturday 31 December 2016

A Little Decorative Winter Tree

Hello, my dear crafty readers, my bees ! That ran to congratulate all of you a Happy New Year !!
 Wish you good luck, joy, smiles around, of course, creative inspiration, and boundless energy to implement all our plans !!
My new project for Crafters corner - New Year`s decor. I made a small wire snowy tree with Dress my craft Frosted sugar powder and decorated it.
With lots of sugar :-)   

This is a relatively easy project, especially for the people that they are into using wire for jewelry making. Personally, I have little experience on these things. I learned it from my school days.  
For Completing this tree, its take 2 hr 


Main technique is twisting the wires, twist the whole wire like this. And make branches and roots. Do not twist until the end. End portion add Frosted sugar powder with Gel medium ( Matte finish or Glossy finish )
here is the video tutorial

Here i made Winter theme. If you want a just tree with single stone for root part is a good choice. You can also put your tree in a bowl with smaller stones or inside a jar with lots of frosted sugar powder. You can even make a little garden or forest. By using different materials and colors, you can create more elegant, spooky, colorful or bonsai-like trees ( cover whole with tissue and modeling texture paste). The possibilities are endless.

I hope you have enjoyed this creation. 
Thank you for stopping by 

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Friday 30 December 2016


Hello dear friends !!!

Here we all stand at the end of a year and it is time to retrospect-deeds that were done, actions that were taken and decisions that were made. Some left good and everlasting memories while some taught a lesson for life.
Each day brought in new messages and new agendas--each day taught us something new and helped us evolve and mature more.
Today as I look back, I realized that I have come a long way--a journey that has been very fruitful and creatively very satisfying !!!

One such milestone achieved was my joining as DT with the world renowned brand Heartfelt Creations.
Let me take you back and show you my creations with Heartfelt Creations . Each one of them is very close to my heart and made with lot of passion. Crafters Corner has the entire range of Heartfelt Creations collections in the store.You can check them out here.
Crafters Corner has forever been a strong support system as long as my crafting career is concerned and I owe a lot to it.
So without much ado lets move back in times !!!

 February 2016

Sunrise Lily part 1 & Part 2

Simple card made with Heartfelt Creations

Sunrise Lily Collection
Sunrise Lily Bouquet Die 

March 2016

Moments of Love

The Winking Frog Collection

Water lily

Sun Kissed Fleur Stamp and Die set

Under the Sea Collection

A 3D pop up album

A Mixed Media Layout

May 2016

June 2016

July 2016


Daffodils with ORCHID Collection

September 2016

October 2016

November 2016

December 2016

So that is it. I loved doing this post and feeling immensely proud.
I hope you liked my work Thank you so much for your love and support.

Wednesday 21 December 2016

Playing with PLAID TOOLS, part 1

Good morning!
Rupa here with my last post for the year! It’s been 6months now with crafters corner and I hope you have been enjoying the tutorials here. I hope to play more with their products next year too!
Today I would like to explain some quick and easy ways to distress wood and create textures on backgrounds using these 2 amazing tools from PLAID. These help in creating amazing backgrounds for Decoupage and decorating any objects. You will see soon how I have used them to create not 1 or 2, but 3 different projects with the same tools.
Let me first start with a recycled project…of course, how else would it be??? Here is what I started off with…
Yes, a Swarovski box …it came to me empty, lol! Yes, a friend had kept it carefully so I could work on it. And here is what I made with it…
Of course the process in making this project is priceless than what originally would have been inside it! Really…I made this box in just 1 hour flat! That’s how easy it is to distress and make patterns with the tools that I am going to show you.Here are my 2 buddies for the day who helped with this project..

You can see how loved they are!
Let’s start off…As always its a picture heavy post! Hope you stick around till the end!
Step1- I gessoed the lid with white and the base of the box with black gesso.
 I then applied black paint to the rim of the lid and when that dried, applied some white candle wax to the areas where I wanted it distressed. After that, I gave a top coat of Folk art multi surface paints and when dry, took out this scrapping tool from Plaid. 
I just had to lightly peel off on the areas where there was wax and voila! The magic distressing happened to reveal the black base coat.
This scrapping tool comes in 4 sizes and just perfect to create that distressed look however big your project may be!
Step2- I had this lovely tissue in my stash and went about adhering this to the top of the lid using modge podge. 
It is a wonderful sight to see the tissue adhere to the distressed edges and I love how the pattern shows thru the distressing! Now as that was drying, I started to work on the base.
After the black gesso had dried, I missed 2 shades of the multi surface paint along with Folk art blending gel and applied as top coat. This blending tool delays the drying time and helps you to create textures without having to be in a hurry!
Step3- I took this other tool, the texture comb from Plaid and ran it on the top coat. 
You can see how wonderfully it creates a striped pattern and also distresses the base at the same time. Here is a closer look.
 I went about creating this pattern on all the sides. All of this in just 5mins…can you believe it! As the comb removes the paint, it creates dimension and you can feel the stripes when you run your fingers on it! 
At the same time, it distresses the area where the paint has been stripped off…all this in just one swipe! I think this is just an amazing tool to create backgrounds. I will show you more uses soon.
Step4- Once the stripes were dry, I took a border pattern stencil from my stash and used white paint to stencil this. I liked the look of this on a striped back ground. 
This was repeated on all the sides. The lid along with this base looked a “made for each other couple”, but I dint want to stop there.
 I cut out a scalloped oval using the black chip board and repeated the wax method and the scrapping tool to create a distressed look. 
It took me about a minutes to achieve this and then I stamped the sentiment using Archival black. It is the only embellishment on top of the lid and here is the final look.
And now, as I open the lid….
You can see some colorful goodies inside, all of which were made using these tools!
The first is a set of tags that I made on the left over chipboards that I had. 
I have gessoed the base white and applied different color paints as top coat and have used the comb in different directions to get varied patterns.
Have a look at the dimension the comb creates…
After this I had some sentiments and also colored some stamped image on old book paper and my tags are ready! These are ready to hit any project now.
 If you can see closely, I have also distressed the edges in some using the scrapping tool. 
I now don’t have to think much about how to create textures. This comb gives me lot of freedom to explore and I can make projects in minutes now.
Here is one more I have created with the same comb! A WELCOME panel on a scrap piece of wood. 
The central portion has the weave pattern created with the tool and I have also decoupaged  the top and bottom edges on book paper. This was one quick project, ready in 10 mins.
So now I have a box full of stuff for which I really dint stress much.
 With the year drawing to an end, These make awesome gifts to your loved ones and maybe you can gift yourself these tools from Plaid and see how fast you can now distress and create textures. I am sure you will agree that Decoupage along with distressing and texture is a "

drop dead" combination! Try it...
Do let me know how you enjoyed working with them. Wishing you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR and I will see you there soon!
Here are the products from the store that I have used….

Until my next creative journey,
Happy crafting and recycling.