Friday 30 August 2013

Stamping with Lindy's magicals, starbursts and Sakura gesso!

Hi everyone!

Today it’s my turn to share something with you. A lot has been said and shown about the product of the month, which is Lindy’s stamp gang mists. My DT mates left me nothing to share! :) I’m sure you all must be having a great time trying different techniques showcased by my teammates.

After a lot of struggle, I came up with something which seemed stupid to me, but I’m gonna share it with you anyway! :)

I didn't know what to try and I wasn't in a mood to even browse! My friend and fellow DT member Pallavi agreed to help me and sent a link to a beautiful video (find the link at the end of the post). I tried to make some modifications and make a tutorial but it didn't work. Hence I came up with this…

(Sorry for the super bad pictures. Couldn't take them in the natural light.)

Here is what you’ll need…

1.       Gesso
2.       Template (I have used 'Art is' template.)
3.       Stamp of your choice (I have used HA Leafy vines stamp and Simon says stamp)
4.       Little Lindy’s set (I have used green, yellow and gold )
5.       A paint brush
6.       Laminated sheet/ craft mat
7.    Liquitex light modelling paste

Technique 1- (for a fine image)

1.       Take a piece of water color paper and spray it with Lindy’s starburst spray. Let it dry.

2.       Squeeze a little bit of gesso on the laminated sheet and add little bit of magicals (add a little bit of hot water to the powder in the small bottle).

3.       Mix thoroughly with a brush and make a thin layer of the mixture.

4.       Take a stamp of your choice, gently press down the stamp onto the mixture and stamp on the water colour paper that has already been sprayed with starburst spray.

Technique 2- (for a grungy look)

1.       Follow step 1 in the above technique.
2.       Squeeze a little bit of gesso  on the laminated sheet  and spread it with a paint brush

3.       Take a stamp of your choice (I feel solid images look better), press it down onto the thin layer of gesso.
4.       Spray the stamp with starburst of your choice and stamp on the prepared water colour paper. You will not get a clean image, no problem.

5.       After you have stamped once,  press down the stamp on the layer of gesso and stamp without spraying mist this time. Repeat as long as the gesso hasn’t dried up.

Note: PLEASE wash the stamps thoroughly with water and gently brush them with a tooth brush if required to remove gesso as soon as you finish stamping.

Wondering why I added the template and modelling paste in the list of products needed? Well I made something which I added on this card-

To make that text back ground, you need to follow the below steps...
1. Take a little modelling paste, add small amount of magicals to it and mix thoroughly.
2. Take a good CS, (I used Fabriano of 220 GSM) using a stencil, apply the modelling paste. You can either choose to spray the starbursts when the paste has dried or partially dried. I sprayed the starbursts when the paste is still wet. This caused the magicals to react with the starbursts. I liked it this way.
3. Let everything dry and you are done!

Finally I've tried the starburst stains also. Made a BG with the most commonly used resist technique. I stamped the HA Leafy fines stamp with versamark ink pad and clear embossed the image. I then took three stains of different colours and applied directly on the CS. I loved the final result. It came out all shimmery! :)

That's all from me for now! Take care!


PS. Here is the link Pallavi sent. It's awesome. See if you can do something similar with magicals.

Wednesday 28 August 2013

An Altered Ceramic Alpha for my New Crafty Heaven !

Hiya Friends & Fellow Crafters,
I'm Riti Poddar here to share another Project with you all. This will be my Last project for the Month of August. Everyone here has been coming up with some wonderful projects using the Lindy's Sprays & Magicals. I had a tough time deciding what to make...but finally I decided to alter a Ceramic Alphabet I picked up from my Visit to the US about 3 yrs ago...yess I have been hoarding it since then & here I finally altered it TODAY !
Take a Look....

Supplies Used :
Ceramic Alphabet - from Michaels
Fillers are also available at Crafters Corner store. Please contact Shalini for further details.
Lindy's Starburst Spray - Creme Brulee Cream - Available in the Tiffany's Blue Pack
Stamp - Inkadinkado : Flower Flourish
Simon Says Stamp : Expressions For You
Flower Centre - Utee By Ranger
Staz On - Jet Black
Comb Charm - STORE
Princess Dress Charm - STORE
Pearls & Beads -  from my stash !

I added a generous amount of Lindy's Starburst Spray - Creme Brulee Cream to the entire Alphabet & the Flower ! Just Loving the Shimmer....

Hope you All Like it !! I enjoyed making it so much..can't wait to Hang it in my Craft Room !!
Do leave some Love below...It gives me joy to read all your comments & queries. All questions & suggestions are more than Welcome !

Have a Happy Janamashtami & Keep Craftin Until I come back next month with another New Project for you all !!


Monday 26 August 2013

Luxury Visited !

Hello Friends ,
This is Mallika here and today I ll be talking about 10 Luxury must haves for crafters which will either define your project and give it a whole new look  or make your work a little easier.
Till now , I have always bragged about the mandatory tools which are used by us , so there was no point writing about Top 10  must have tools for crafters .
Lets get started . Fastened your seat belts as we are going fly in a luxury first class plane :P :P
I simply love all 10 listed below and I m sure you will love them too .

Have No 1  
Perfect Pearls 
This is such a delicate binder powder which defines your projects in such a way that you cant even imagine .
I love using it with Melt Art . You can use it with your decoupage projects , mixed media projects .
Simply sprinkle few on flowers and see the effect for yourself .
Have a look at the picture below . You can see how my texture has come up on UTEE behind that metal heart because of perfect pearls .

Have No 2 
Tonic Scissors 
This is one product , which I can guarantee - Once you start using it , you just cant use any other sciccor .
I call it "mere laal kaichi ". My roommate knows if I cant find it , my heart might sink .
{ Mera jeevan sachi kora kagaj hoga iske bina }

Have No 3 
Glitter tray and Rack 
This tray is by far one of the best funnel trays I have ever used . Tray features an opening in one corner to easily brush excess glitter back into container . the corner hole prevents glitter or powder from flying away . 
This tray also has a unique feature , that the back of tray has pegged rack which makes it super easy to use Martha fine glitters on 3d objects .  All I can imagine is a glitter ball :P

Have No 4 
Mountain/Deckle Trimmer
This is an angel trimmer for vintage lovers . Check the video enclosed and see for yourself .
Like always You tube acting like a bummer ! Hold on ! We will be back with this in awhile !

Have No 5
Inkssentials Craft Sheet
Messy table after mixed media ? Cant remove the stains after applying gesso ? Hot UTEE stuck to your cutting mat ? This is the right solution . After starting to explore in Mixed Media I have started loving this craft mat . I can clean the mat easily by a damp cloth . Craft sheet is heat resistant so when you make a beautiful texture on your project which has to be dried there and then { Heat tool by Ranger } by some impatient souls like me , it comes to rescue .
My pg owner would have thrown me out by now , if staining would have continued on the furniture .

Have No 6 
Crop a Dile 
If by far till now I calculate , the best product which We R memory keepers have come up with is this Crop a Dile . My craft is never complete without this . Let is be tags in which I have to settle eyelets or making holes for binding rings into my books , this is my rescue partner .
I love this tool specifically over all the hole punchers in the market is because of its power !! Singham se bhi jyaada power hai ismein !!
It can even punch hole in a CD ! You can make beautiful Recycled cd albums by using these .
A lil secret - I punched a hole in my debit card first time out of excitement when a dear crafty friend got it shipped for me from USA two years back . I still remember two years back how Riti Poddar told me "mallika tum yeh lelo , tumhe pyaar ho jaaega isse "

Have No 7 
I love using this to chomp my corners into round shape and giving it a complete look . 
I have got this tool finally like 2 weeks back and I am totally loving it . 
I have used edge rounders of many companies including jeff and EK SUCCESS , but I love my Corner Chomper most . 
The best part is that can chomp even a chipboard . Mini albums get a finished look if you round there edges.

Have No 8 
Terrifically Tacky Tape
Yeh kyun chaahiye ? { why do we need this }
Answer - Perfect Finishing !
For me , life of project is very important .
Many of you would say , why not used simple reasonable wonder tape ? I use specifically this tape as it justifies the name Tacky .
My papers never come off the project , I dont have to be scared that my paper , embellishments would come off the project after a certain period of time .
Go for it once , You will be hooked to it .

Have No 9 
Diamond Dust 
Once upon a time in a far fairy land , there lived a handsome prince who fell in love with this beautiful Princess .
The prince asked the princess to marry him. 
The princess replied " If you want to marry me get me a fairy dust which shine like stars "
The Prince wandered here and there and met a witch who ran a shop called Flora Craft . The witch asked him to pay Rs 300 and gave him a bottle named  "Diamond Dust "
The princess overwhelmed by the sparkle of these fairy diamond dust finally said yes to the Prince and they lived happily ever after . 
This is what came to my mind when I saw these twink lets . They are so so so pretty !!
My words will never do justice to this amazing product , neither can pictures tell  that result they gave in real .

Have No 10 
Heart Attack Tool 
Dil ka daura nahin hai yaar !! Its just a tool .
This is another love of vintage premi like me . I love giving the edge torn look to my projects using this .
I still remember this tool came in my First DT pack and since then it has always been beside my right hand on my craft table .
The Heart Attack Tool slides onto your finger and features a scraping blade and sanding side for distressing even small hard-to-reach areas on your paper project.
You can see the edge of the layered paper used . 

I hope you all have enjoyed my post and please do leave your comments / compliments / questions below. 

Saturday 24 August 2013

Some fun techniques with Lindy's Stamp gang mists!

Hi friends and fellow crafters,
This is Hussena here and this time it's my turn to share some fun techniques using the Lindy's sprays which is also our Product of the Month..As you all know,Pallavi has already shared a detailed review about what the Lindy's sprays are all about..They mainly come in four forms..One is the 'Starbursts',second is the 'Moonshadow',the 'Glimmer Spritz' and the Magcial's which is a powder form..The techniques I am sharing with you are really simple ones..But they do give some beautiful results..This is just to show you what different things you can do with your sprays besides using it in Mixed Media where you mix with the background to create your projects.
1. Emboss Resist.
For this technique,first take a piece of Cardstock,preferably water-color paper and distress it using any Distress ink of your choice..                                              
After you distress it,dry it completely using a heat tool or you can let it air-dry..Then,using a background stamp and the Versamark Embossing ink stamp on the distressed piece.                                                    
Then,sprinkle the embossing powder over the inked area and heat emboss it using your heat tool.
Then,choose the Lindy mist of your choice and spray completely over the embossed piece giving it a good coverage and wipe off the extra droplets and then using the same color distress ink which you had used earlier (In my case Scattered Straw),distress your panel again and you'll notice a beautiful background which also has a very beautiful shimmer to it!                                                                   
Here are the different background's I have created using this technique :-                                                     
And the close-up of these panels..Can you see hot they shine when the light hits it ? :-                                         
2.Next technique,'Coloring your flower's using the Lindy's sprays'.

Take any color of the starbursts spray and spritz some of it in your palette...Then take any paper flower of your choice and using your paint brush color your flower's front and back...When it dries you will notice that not only the flower's are vibrant in color but they also have a dazzling shimmer to it..For those who love all things glitzy,they should totally try this :)

3. And the third technique I am sharing is 'How to color your ribbon' 

This is pretty simple ,just take your seam-binding ribbon,spritz some water on it to wet it,then scrunch it up and spray it liberally with  the Lindy starburst spray of your choice..You will instantly get a bright ribbon to match with your project as this dries really quickly and again it has a shimmer base to it                                 

Finally,ending my post with a tag I have made using all the 3 techniques that I have shared..I know the layout of this tag is quite similar to the one I had shared earlier..But right now,this is what I could come up with...  I 
promise I will come up with something new and interesting the next time round! :)
Supplies used :-
Lindy Stamp Gang mists -Hottie Pattotie (Used in all 3 techniques ).
Distress ink : Scattered Straw.
Hero Arts Flourish Background and Antique Brocade cling stamp.
Small white flowers,leaves and hat-pins -Crafter's Cormer (You can contact Shalini if you want to buy these..They are not uploaded on the website but she has them in stock with her).

Hope you enjoyed seeing these fun techniques and give them a try!
Do let me know if you like it :)
All comments/suggestions are welcome!
And please don't forget to play along our current challenge 'Anything goes' as you stand a chance of winning a set of Lindy's sprays..Yay! :)
Have a nice day everyone! (All craft supplies under one Roof)

For further information please mail us at :

Thursday 22 August 2013

“HAPPINESS TISSUE BOX” made with Mixed Media

Hi Friends

The festive season has started and we just celebrated the festival of Eid and Raksha Bandhan. Hope you joined in the festivities with your loved ones and would have exchanged gifts with your family and friends. I am sure, most of you would be looking forward to other festivals like Janamashtmi, Ganeshostav, Dusshera, Diwali etc. Today I bring to you a wonderful gift idea which has a very high utility factor too.

Every one of us is using paper napkins. Whether it is Kitchen, Dining table, Car, Work desk or Kids’ study, paper napkins have become integral part of our daily living. Wish we could reinvent this staid and unattractive looking napkin box to go with our surrounding themes. That is exactly what I am trying to change today.

So here am I, Shalini Pahwa, presenting to you my post for this month – “HAPPINESS TISSUE BOX” made with Mixed Media.

The fun with mix media is that you can give the product a look and color that you desire it to be given – in order to make the product gel with its surroundings. I have given a earthy look to the box. I have used laces, trinkets, flowers on the top with a liberal coat of Gesso topped up with Little Lindys Spray. The sides of the box has been painted with Little Lindys Spray using gel medium and stencils to give it a raised (embossed) look.
I am sure you would like this collection.

Products uesd here:
MDF tissue box, happiness

For any product query contact us at

This month’s challenge has already evoked a good response and I am sure the next 8 days would see more of your entries. The prize for the winner for the month is also Little Lindy-Sweet Treat which I have used to make this tissue box and the tutorial given by me at the beginning of the month. If you had missed that you may see it here.

Have A Nice Day!!!
Happy Crafting!!!

Tuesday 20 August 2013

All about Lindy's products


I am back again. As you all know we are working with Lindy's Stamp Gang products all this month

Today's post will be useful for people who are still wondering if it's a good idea to buy these products. It is always better to know about a product before investing in it, so  I am going to briefly cover the various types of products that are available in our store and also share an easy-peasy tutorial.

As you know Lindy's sprays that we have available are basically Shimmer sprays, but did you know that there are various  types of sprays that we carry?

STARBURSTS : These are dye based ,two toned and intensely shimmery sprays. The colour of shimmer varies within the same colour-way too, so if you think that you bought one blue spray and that's about it, think again. Each spray has its own combination of colour and shimmer tones.

MOONSHADOW  : These are also shimmer based products but they are different from Starbursts because all of them are essentially Walnut ink based. These sprays have a brown undertone and have a secondary colour added which shows up after drying. These are perfect for any kind of vintage themed projects.

Both these products come in a spray and a stain form. The product property is the same. Stains are easier for painting large areas and come with Dauber caps, You can easily use a stain as a spray by either getting an appropriate sized nozzle or transferring the solution to a spritzer.

Both these products can be used on any Porous objects like paper, chipboard, fabric etc.

GLITZ SPRITZ : These are shimmer sprays but they have very little colour in them, so these are perfect for soft -pastel-y looks and when you just want shimmer and little or no colour on your projects.

MAGICALS : These are basically starbursts in powder form. You can use them for painting. For that you need to mix them with water which activates the colour. What is magical about Magicals is that the colour of the powder could be misleading, the true colour shows up after adding water and that transformation is MAGICAL.You can also mix these with modelling paste, multi- medium for a shimmery effect. I am going to show you a simple technique with Magicals and Versamark in a bit, so don't go away.

TWO TONED EMBOSSING POWDERS : As the name suggests these are gorgeous embossing powders with a secondary shimmer, so you get very interesting effects when you move your project.

The Sprays come in a bottle in powder form. You need to mix them with moderately hot water to activate the colour. Here's a link to the vid which explains how to do it.

Hope this was useful and now on to my little tutorial with Magicals.

P.S : Technique learnt from Kate Palmer from Sparkletart , DT member of Lindy's.

1.Take a stamp of your choice , ink it generously with Versamark ink and stamp on your cardstock.

2.Take a tiny bit of Magicals of your choice and use a fine brush to brush the product on the stamped area. Since Versamark is sticky , Magicals will stick to it. Tap off the excess powder.

3.Take a round fluffy brush and with moderate pressure rub it over the whole stamped area. This will help in getting the powder adhered to the ink and also gets rid of any excess powder.

You are done. The result will be a brilliant foil type effect. You can use more than one colour for a lovely effect

You can also spritz it with water and you will get a beautiful watercolour effect. You will also notice that the colours become a bit more vibrant after adding water, since water activates the ink.See the difference in colour.

Tried it on Black Cardstock too.

That's the end of my super long post. Hope you will read it and try your hand at these products. You will not regret it. Honest promise!

Check our store for all the various shades of sprays. You can also buy trial sets called Little Lindy's which have a combination of  Starbursts, Moonshadow and  Magicals all in one set.

Till then,