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                                              Hello everyone
                          Today I ,Uma Didwania , on crafters corners blog
                                  In this post I'd love to share with you  
                                                my latest love Foamiran flowers


Foamiran is a stretchy material
 with 0.8mm thick which somewhat look 
 like paper, easy to shape when
 it is warm. I mentioned the thickness
 as thickness is very important. This is
a special kind of foam dedicated to
 flower making only.

 It is not the ordinary craft foam which is generally 2mm thick
which you can buy in crafts store.
Its a special foam made in Iran and that is why its known as FOAM-IRAN.

Foamiran flowers are my love these days and i m going GAGA about its multiple uses....
They are the best if you cant invest in many things and need something to do to keep you busy.
The best part is that these can be die cut with your Big shot machine or any other die cutting machine.
They can also be handcut if you dont own a machine so they .
You can also buy hundreds of accessories from DRESS MY CRAFT too which will help you to jazz up your flowers.
 (at Crafters Corner)  .

Now ....

I have a tutorial of this beautiful flower

Required Materials:

1:  Foamiran sheets (white & olive green).
2:  Archival ink (pink peony).
3:  Floral wire ( soon will be at the store ).
4:  Floral green tape ( soon will be at the store ).
5:  Kitchen foil.
6:  Hot glue gun.
7:  Iron any or craft iron from Crafters corner .
8:  Pair of scissors preferably Tonic only.
9:  Sparkling dust from dress my craft 
10: Clear glue .
Here is step by step

Step 1:
cut the square pieces of white foamiran sheeta (as shown in the pic)

Step 2:
Cut the three edges of square pieces in curve shape & give them petal shape

Step 3:
Color the edges of the petals with archival ink

Step 4:
Set your iron on the low temp.

Step 5:
As you heat the petal quickly twist it.

Step 5:
Open your petals and slightly stretch it with your fingers & give them curve shape. ( do it very softly otherwise it would tear)

Step 6:
Crush the kitchen foil & shape it like a rose bud.

Step 7:
Attach the floral wire in the bud with hot glue.

Step 8:
Now arrange the petals on the bud ( start with smaller one)

Step 9:
After you paste the smaller petals your flower would look like this.

Step 10:
Finish with the medium sized petals like this.

Step 11:
Now start with the large size petals, paste them randomly.

I made more flower, rose buds and leaves. Now attach them with floral green tape.

Step 12:
Apply the glue & sprinkle the sparkling dust.....and you can see that i love this dust badly :P

Hope this tutorial will help you all.
So start making foamiran flowers nowwwwwwwwww......

Love n hugssss


  1. What a Gorgeous flower and buds !

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  4. Magical hands...very well explained... thanks for the tutorial... beautiful flowers

  5. Magical hands...very well explained... thanks for the tutorial... beautiful flowers

  6. Magical hands...very well explained... thanks for the tutorial... beautiful flowers

  7. Magical hands...very well explained... thanks for the tutorial... beautiful flowers

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    How is the dust used ...Plz brief. Thank u

    1. Just apply any clear glue wid brush or wid ur finger tip nd sprinkle the dust over it .
      Apply very little quantity of glue not much

  17. Amazing as usual...u always leave me spellbound by your creations..your every touch is magical...
    Every detail in tutorial is so well explained..

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    Can you please guide me to make orchids??

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